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Carolean_Karl says2016-06-16T18:29:53.8446322Z
But... They're the same thing, right?
Foodiesoul says2016-06-16T18:36:18.3913346Z
@Carolean_Karl No, they're not. Goths usually wear black and listen to goth music. Many goths are into dark poetry, specifically gothic poetry by Edgar Allan Poe. Goths usually listen to goth rock and metal. Emos, on the other hand, usually wear flashy colors such as pink and red mixed with dark colors such as black. Emos are generally very pessimistic and extremely emotional, hence the name emo. Emos usually listen to emo music such as My Chemical Romance. These characteristics don't apply to all goths/emos.
enlightened7 says2016-06-16T20:23:29.1309286Z
Both of them are definitely a drag to society
enlightened7 says2016-06-16T20:24:58.7504467Z
For society, any sort of goth/emo merchandise would be better off banned. These people really need to seek help.
sebban468 says2016-11-13T21:06:06.8975160Z
How can someone choose between depressive or sad? Their both equally weird! They need to man up and stop being so silly. No one thinks they look cool because they dress all black. And if they have such deep sorrow then TAKE A FREAKING PILL!!

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