Do you support Trump's "Hire American, By American" Order?

Posted by: TheDragon5

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Fiver says2017-04-19T17:48:10.8488665Z
This policy seems to work directly against free-market principles, and tries to make American's richer at the expense of other nations.
TheDragon5 says2017-04-19T17:50:17.9888665Z
Simply put, it protects American workers, by letting them take the jobs first.
TheDragon5 says2017-04-19T17:53:07.9352665Z
I'm glad we have Donald Trump, who actually has balls, an doesn't worry about being too nice to other nations at the expense of our own.
Mharman says2017-04-19T19:08:44.4413030Z
@Fiver: The point of it is to make American's more money at the expense of those who broke the law to enter out country. What do you liberals not understand? America first!
Zoecri says2017-04-19T20:18:25.0541030Z
We just need to make sure that we value immigrants. They come to America for jobs, and it would hurt the countries reputation and just be downright mean to deny immigrants jobs, because thats a main reason they come here
Mharman says2017-04-19T20:46:35.4596665Z
@Zoecri: The bill does value immigrants. LEGAL ones, that is.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2017-04-23T23:44:15.0805944Z
I'm yes and no on this one. I support the idea of our government being limited to buying American only ... But people should not be limited to purchasing from our companies here. We overpay our workers here for the simplest of jobs under the idea that the work they do rates the same quality of life standard as every other American, which is flat out wrong. We are holding ourselves back from dominating the high wage jobs of the world when we have to pay a minimum wage as high as we do for work that actually costs much much less to do. In this global competition we are playing in, we don't set what a product costs by being the most expensive maker of said product. The guy that does it for the lowest, has reasonable quality, and does it the most efficiently are the ones who set that value.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2017-04-23T23:50:16.8757944Z
Forcing us to all buy American only is basically a tax burden on us that goes directly to minimum wage employees guaranteeing them benefits they don't rate on your dime, because youre forced to buy product from them even though there are better alternatives out there. The increased cost of buying American goes directly to that fluff. It might as well be a charity given to your slightly poorer neighbor that you could have instead kept in your own pocket in cost savings buying from somewhere else.
BUILDTHEWALL says2017-09-08T02:25:02.3165711Z
Americans first!!!!

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