Do you think competitive cheerleading is a sport?

Posted by: juliahhxo


  • Yes

  • No

62% 8 votes
38% 5 votes
  • The third vote on the no side was mine. Sorry about that. Yes Cheerleading is a sport. Why shouldn't it be? Brendan gut on the no side, I guess that means gymnastics isn't a sport either because that is also scored by judges.

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • I am a competitive cheerleader i drive 3 hours a day for practice and twice a week i have conditioning i also take tumbling classes twice a week so yes it is a sport

  • It requires a high level of personal fitness, a significant amount of practice, has a significant risk of injury, is done by two or more people, and is in competition with one or more other groups pertaining to the same criteria. That's the definition of a team sport. It seems to me the "team" part is not open for debate, The part that is questioned is whether it's a sport with the claims that they compete individually for judging points rather than against each other for runs/goals/baskets. However, the same could be said for figure skating or gymnastics and no one questions that they're sports.

    Posted by: SM29
  • Yes because it’s competitive and physical therefore a sport. Wow so cool! I know right? What genius came up with that definition? A dictionary.

  • Just because it is competitive does not make it a sport. Sports are scored by how many baskets you make, points you score, runs your get, swings you make, what place you come in, etc. Ect. Cheerleading contests are scored by judges.

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