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Do you think Hitler was good? And do you want him to be the leader of your country?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

  • Yes, Hitler was good and I want him to be my President

  • No, Hitler was awful and I don't want him as my President

21% 10 votes
79% 37 votes
  • As a opponent of fascism I should not support Hitler. But Hitler and fascism are not equal to me. Someone will smile to hear my speech. But if someone want to know why I am telling that, he should know the history. Hitler was socialist at his childhood. His atmosphere, his parents thought he's made him socialist. But after WWI he had no way. He could not but establish fascism. When all the races are trying to dominate Germany. At that time except fascist time Germany will not go to the top of Europe. SO IT WAS APT AND JUST FOR THAT TIME. HITLER IS MY HERO. BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE IN FASCISM.

  • Hitler was a great man and he was a even better leader and I would have loved to live during his time. I live in america but I don't want him as my country because I respect and idolize him to much to see him tarnished by this piece of shit I call America

  • He at least cared for all of his followers, and it is human nature to put other species down just because they are different, just like how e put down all the species of chickens, Hitler only put down a race of humans.

    Posted by: s-jiar
  • Hitler did so fantastic things for the German industry but unfortunately he was a man filled with hate. I would rather not have someone who hates a culture be my leader (I voted for trump btw)

    Posted by: Iacov
  • one word: Holocaust.

  • While some argue that he was a great and dynamic leader, I just can't get over the whole Holocaust thing Hitler executed and the fact that he drove the world into WWII in a futile attempt to revive the German economy. If he were our leader today he would carry out a Muslim holocaust and start WWIII and drive America into a major economic depression with unemployment reaching 50%.

  • Adolf Hitler was a great politician, but a horrible person for obvious reasons. He did get Germany out of debt after World War I and other economical advantages, though.

  • There should be no reason as to why you would want a tyrant such as Hitler to have authority over such a powerful country that is America. Eliminating grand quantities of HUMANS because of their religious believe is blandly pathetic. Someone who surely inflicted fear is not worthy to hold such power. I mean he gave a significant push to one of the most destructive wars the history of humans.

  • What kind of a poll is this? No matter how much good he did, all the terrible things will always outweigh them.

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Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-12-17T12:23:45.8723864Z
Hitler wasn't a problem solver. He was a problem maker. Trying to make certain peoples' lives better while destroying and eliminating the lives of others didn't improve the world one bit. A solution needs to be implemented that will elevate everyone's life to equal parity and still result in a high-quality world.
Sidetrack says2016-12-17T15:56:41.4785943Z
This is a stupid poll. It has no purpose accept to troll. No one cares about WWII. No one cares what happened, because no one knows anything about it. All they know is they are supposed to associate the feeling of hate with Hitler. So all you are doing it trolling. Why don't you bring up something productive? If you really know anything about Hitler, make a poll on something you like or really hate (because you did your homework on Hitler) and you will accomplish something here besides stupidity.
Death23 says2016-12-17T16:11:44.3031816Z
Hitler sucked

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