Do you think men are more likely face greater discrimination than women in society ?

Posted by: stephannoi

23 Total Votes

Yes men are the last oppress group.Women tend to have more right and privilege.

18 votes

No men aren't more likely to face oppression than women.

5 votes
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Rjupudi18 says2017-01-19T15:59:33.9982368Z
I wish there was a neutral option,
AlFox says2017-03-14T01:03:11.8251477Z
There should be a neutral option Also, if I should choose from the ones above, I'd say men are more likely to be discriminated than women, since they aer more priviledged, a little example: Let's say a woman hits a man, just because yes, but if the man returns the hit, the woman will feel more like a victim, even when she started, the man will be considered as an evil person.

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