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Sodomy law has been ruled unconstitutional,it's unnecessary and an discriminatory law.

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Yes sodomy should be illegal,it's sinful,unnatural and abonimable.

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Yes of course the law should be strengthened with death penalty/whipping impose.

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maslow says2016-06-26T22:39:07.1884095Z
Only if there is an anti vaginal penetration law
maslow says2016-06-26T22:40:34.2380835Z
Only if there is an anti vaginal penetration law passed.
Black-Jesus says2016-06-27T04:26:35.6063940Z
That's sounds counterproductive as that would quite literally make 99% of the populations criminals and would hence be an unenforced law.
Black-Jesus says2016-06-27T04:32:11.7573488Z
@NewLifeChristian, outlawing sodomy wouldn't fix complaints about sex-related issues: it would cause national and international uproar. And it's not unnatural: it happens in nature, therefore making it natural.
Gareth_BM says2016-06-27T16:05:31.4535335Z
This whole thing is insane but who the hell added option 3! What kind of a mad man are you!
maslow says2016-06-28T03:40:57.2153200Z
NewLifeChristian does that comment mean you are giving up sex?

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