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KyrinAnderson says2015-10-28T23:15:22.7133281Z
I don't beleive it matters anymore because half the stuff in history books aren't even true.
stargate says2015-10-28T23:33:04.1305241Z
Sigh, if we do not look at history then we are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. You can learn a lot from reading about history, everyone needs to know history. If we do we have a better chance of being wiser, not falling prey to the same mistakes, learning about how different nations have formed, economy history, and battle tatics. History is vital to all man kind, remember that.
gabep says2015-10-29T00:02:11.9009786Z
@KyrinAnderson - While some content in history books may be incorrect and/or oversimplified, I would not say that the rate of inaccuracy is that high.
MLG_TBR says2015-10-29T01:20:05.6572568Z
"Sigh, if we do not look at history then we are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. " Stargate? Is that really you?
Black-Jesus says2015-10-29T03:18:25.0138664Z
This question is so wildly stupid, it makes my head hurt. Of course history still matters! Even if you do believe that half the stuff in history books is false, history still matters. If you are about to be hit by a car, it doesn't matter whether there is someone telling you that there is no car coming, it still matters that there is a car coming.
KyrinAnderson says2015-10-29T22:33:16.4847231Z
I just like to say my opinion I don't blame others though but I believe that history isn't half as real as it used to be
stargate says2015-10-30T10:55:24.2920285Z
@MLG_TBR What do you mean?
Kreakin says2015-10-31T21:19:05.2596298Z
It does not matter to those to stupid to understand it...
Kreakin says2015-10-31T21:20:01.8263176Z
They don't even know that they don't know.
stargate says2015-10-31T21:48:10.2725773Z
Maybe, but they poll was never about that it was about does history matter anymore. The answer is yes it does.
Kreakin says2015-11-02T00:11:12.9801519Z
Or no it doesn't depending on your perspective, which is what i was commenting on,dear me...

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