Does logic always make sense?

Posted by: Charliecdubs

Neil Degrasse Tyson said something I found very interesting about the universe and what we learn about it. This is that the universe is not obligated to make sense to us. What I mean by this question is that logic is what we use to go through evidence and make conclusions from it but is it possible that the logical idea from evidence of thought will make sense? What do you think?

  • Yes logic always makes sense to us

  • Not necessarily

35% 12 votes
65% 22 votes
  • This is the core problem with logic and sense. Basically they are interchanged so much by people that the distinction is blurry. However it really is not necessary that something logical makes sense.

  • Look at quantum mechanics. Logic makes sense in our world. When we go to the macro world we need to use a different set of logic. When we go to the micro world we need to use another set of logic. Logic does not make sense when you use logic in the wrong "world"

  • Two words: David Hume

  • If logic doesnt make any sense then it wouldnt be called logic.

  • Nope. If you have logical and emotional at your disposable already chiseled by Gaea, then be grateful you have more than mode of processing information. Still acknowledge, your understanding is one of many, and it can lead to great change or a great bust.

  • Logic doesn't always make sense, whatever way you look at it.

  • Nope. To give an example, quantum uncertainty principle doesn´t make absolute logical sense, or at least from my standpoint. One would think uncertainty cannot be a fundamental part of our universe.

    Posted by: Aithel
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