Does Race Exist?

Posted by: scots

  • Yes Race Exists (explain)

  • No Race does not exist (explain)

62% 15 votes
38% 9 votes
  • It exists in the minds of people...

  • Race clearly exists. We can see this because different races have different skin colors, the organs in our bodies can only be transplanted with organs from a similar races body, we can also outwardly physical differences.

  • Race exists and if you really believe it doesnt then you must really have your head up your a**

  • Apparently, there were three races long ago, all with a few genetic differences, slight variations really. The three combined and blended over time, so the genetics changed and and created new "races", though, at this point, it's so mixed together and no one has the genetics of one of the three races without having another that it really doesn't exist. Though there are still some differences we can find in people today based on... I'll just say group. Take the praying mantis, for example. There are the common green mantises and then there are the orchid mantises. They're they same species yet have very different evolutionary traits. Humans are no different.

    Posted by: Itani
  • According to, :"The biological definition of race is a geographically isolated breeding population that shares certain characteristics in higher frequencies than other populations of that species, but has not become reproductively isolated from other populations of the same species." All this really means is that race is a sub-species of Humans, where we are obviously distinct from one another but we can still interbreed, Using this definition, one can easily conclude that race does exist. Humans evolved for thousands of years, and they were almost completely isolated from each other, and they then developed separate traits. We can still see this today in skin colour, facial differences and bone structural differences. This proves that race does indeed exist.

  • Biologically and genetically speaking, race does not exist outside of the social constructs human beings made up to divide one another based on certain physical characteristics. Ethnicity, which is often confused with race, does exists and is a result of genetic, social, cultural and religious factors. The concept of race is very flawed and ridiculous, and more likely than not the people who defend it are either ignorant of it or want it to exist so they can feel more superior than everyone else because of it.

  • Discrimination against one another because of small inevitable genetic differences are just another reason why humans may not be the brightest of life forms.

  • No, race is a reification. It is an abstract concept that lacks in concreteness.

  • race only exists in Human Culture and is Biologically disproven

    Posted by: scots
  • Race does not exist in the philosophical world. We humans distinguish ourselves by "race" but there is no real "race"; it is something made up by humans.

  • Well not really no. We just made it up to originally differentiate things which just lead on to problems now, us humans being so smart we do dumb things. In a way though, yes it does exist that there are different body structures and.that... but the definition is kind of.not just that

    Posted by: dela
  • We are all built with the same molecule, organs, cells, and everything, our skin just adapted long ago depending on where we lived. People closer to the equator had more melanin in their skin causing a darker color.

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briantheliberal says2015-02-19T16:02:59.5582922-06:00
Labarum, first of all, please feel free to tell me what races there are and what characteristics each race has. Secondly, I suggest you educate yourself on the whole organ thing because that is completely false.
YamaVonKarma says2015-02-19T16:04:32.5814446-06:00
White people are more prone to skin cancer, I believe.
briantheliberal says2015-02-19T16:11:27.3441269-06:00
It's not white people, it's anyone who has little melanin in their skin, including lighter skinned and albino Asians, Africans, and everyone else. The less melanin you have, the more exposed your skin is to the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun.
labarum says2015-02-19T16:53:45.8989076-06:00
The Organ thing is false, really? Http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmed/2103167 If you bother to read it all, we can see that when ever a kidney transplant is done between black donors and patients as compared to any other, the rate of survival is comparatively less. Sense the donors are all in perfect health, the only variable would be the patient, or race. I do not know all of the races nor all of their characteristics but the main ones we can see are White ( oops, didn't mean to hurt your liberal sensibilities, I meant Caucasian) whom can have essentially any hair color and are a freaking kaleidoscope when it comes to looks, Black whom tend to have black or very dark hair, not to mention slightly larger features, Far east Asian whom tend to have light skin black or dark hair and generally slanted eyes, Indian (American) tend to have bronze looking skin with generally sterner features. These obviously are not all of the races, and there are exceptions to this rule, but to deny that they are all different races is ignorant. If a white person were to stand next to a black person made out to look like a white person, or vise versa, you could see clear facial differences. Also, Blacks tend to have A LOT more melanin than what whites do ( as this is why you have the color that you do) Whites have some, but they are generally spread thin along our skin and clump into dots in our arms. Another racial difference.
PetersSmith says2015-02-19T16:54:22.9481951-06:00
I usually use race and ethnic groups interchangeably lol. Although, "race" usually refers to physical characteristics (ethno-racial) of a group.
labarum says2015-02-19T16:56:26.4745166-06:00
I do not know why liberals insist that there is no such thing as race, when it is clear that there are indeed races.
briantheliberal says2015-02-19T21:39:11.1241049-06:00
It's not true labarum, and the source you provided doesn't even support your argument. You said and I quote " the organs in our bodies can only be transplanted with organs from a similar races body" and the evidence shows that is a false statement. Instead of being a condescending moron, maybe you should check your own sources. Also the characteristics you mentioned still do not prove race actually exists, they are simply physical adaptations that occurred over thousands of years to help humans survive in certain environments. The only race, is the human one. I don't know why conservatives deny evidence, when the facts are right in front of them.
briantheliberal says2015-02-19T21:47:20.0199577-06:00
And if the characteristics you mentioned were an actual representation of race, they wouldn't vary so much between the races themselves. All white people would look the same, all black people would look the same, all Asian people would look the same, but that isn't the case outside of specific ethnic populations. These boundaries are social constructed and NOT scientifically supported.
labarum says2015-02-20T16:00:41.9602770-06:00
Your just sad. Http://www.Brandeis.Edu/provost/diversity/Events/diversitypdfs/Does_Race_Exist.Pdf I read your link, all it said was donate your organs. You wanna check this source go ahead. Unlike you I am actually using SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED DATA! Not bleeding heart feelings! Those physical adaptations are apart of our race. Humanity is a single species, but we have different races. Go ahead scream and shout about how obvious differences are simply made up social constructs. If however, you actually read the article( God willing) you will see reason. Also, why on Earth you would think that because characteristics are confined to a single group we would all look the same! That is just dumb ignorant.
heil says2015-02-20T22:56:07.0103188-06:00
Race exists, ethnicity is more man made. Different racial groups have different resistances to different pathogens
briantheliberal says2015-02-21T00:22:16.1132620-06:00
Labarum, you're sad and pathetic. You have you head stuck so far up your behind you resort to confirmation bias and circular logic to prove a point you KNOW has no validity to it. Yet you have the nerve to judge my argument, which IS supported by actual science. I asked you, as well as Heil, to tell me WHAT RACES ARE THERE? I want a list of the races you claim to exist and how they are categorized. Those physical adaptions do NOT make humans different races, they are merely a result of natural selection from inhabiting certain environments over several thousand years. Also what "SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED DATA!" are you using? The source you provided clearly supports MY argument, again you were dumb enough to not CHECK YOUR SOURCES. The real issue here is you WANT race to exist so badly, because it has been ingrained so deeply into your psyche by our racially obsessed culture that the very thought of race not existing baffles you. That, or you can't stand the thought of being compared to a person of a different race because it makes you feel more superior than everyone else. The term 'race' as it is biologically defined does not apply to modern humans, we are not divided into different races, we are one species comprised of many different cultures and ethnic populations. And YES if race did exist as you describe, then all people of a certain race would have the same exact physical characteristics, which is NOT the case. For example, despite being considered white now, Spaniards, Irish and Italians were once considered different races from Anglo Saxons because they tend to look vastly different from them. Now the term Caucasian includes people from North Africa, the Middle East and India and they look NOTHING like Anglo Saxons. The concept of race in modern humans changes so much BECAUSE it is socially constructed and NOT scientifically supported.
briantheliberal says2015-02-21T00:24:06.6523886-06:00 http://newsreel.Org/guides/race/10things.Htm http://www.Sciencedaily.Com/releases/1998/10/981008051724.Htm
briantheliberal says2015-02-21T00:28:12.8501251-06:00
Oh and way to make everything about my emotions, as if they have ANYTHING to do with my previous arguments. Maybe if you set aside your condescending bs and inferiority complex, you will see that I presented facts that you blatantly ignored. Until then, I can't even take you seriously, because you are making a fool out of yourself.
KidMedic says2015-07-12T20:07:39.0702711-05:00
There are in fact races. "Race refers to a person's physical characteristics, such as bone structure and skin, hair, or eye color." Ethnicity, however, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language." The idea that race does not exist genetically is outdated and has been proven to be incorrect. It's no longer a matter of opinion. It is a scientifically proven fact.

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