Does social media create stress/insecurity within today's teens?

Posted by: Magyar_Nacionalista

With social media being such a prominent aspect of our lives, and the abundance of technology throughout modern teenagers, can it bring along negative effects?

  • Yes, social media can create stress/insecurity within today's teens.

  • No, social media cannot create stress/insecurity within today's teens.

93% 28 votes
7% 2 votes
  • Ofcourse, people are mostly jealous of other people's success, happiness and achievements, and that's why instagram is here for, to post these three things.

  • If they aren't that confident in themselves to begin with, it can be demoralizing to see a guy with a six pack driving a Lamborghini with a super hot girlfriend and hundreds of thousands of people complimenting him... Or a skinny girl with big tits on a private beach being showered with guys calling her gorgeous etc. Jealousy is normal, but it can be very easy to spiral downwards looking at other people's success.

  • Obviously. Otherwise children wouldn't kill them selves after reading a bunch of shit online.

  • Yes - it causes people to compare what happens behind the scenes in their lives with the highlights of others'

  • I always see when my 'friends' leave me out and what I'm missing out on. Most importantly, It has caused many arguments between my girlfriend and I.

  • Yes social media can be dangerous and at a same time it could be useful it depends upon user

    Posted by: Thor7
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nxr says2018-03-26T21:10:20.4523743Z
Yes, social media can create stress/insecurity within today's teens. This is shown through women and how they should look in a certain way and rising levels of “body dissatisfaction” – insecurity and low self-esteem about their appearance. Social media makes a women/girl believe she has to look in a certain way to impress the media.That will lead to anxiety and stress, let say as if a girl did not look in a "certain" way then she wll be judged about how her appearance is not good enough.As a result of that it will lead to insecurity and low self-esteem.

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