• Donald Trump

  • Bernie Sanders

24% 9 votes
76% 29 votes
  • While he's not my first choice (my favorites are Ben Carson and Ted Cruz), I don't see any views of his that I strongly disagree with, at least not that I can remember. He wants to empower the military and secure the border. He's also a business man who knows how to negotiate with foreign nations and help businesses, unlike the admitted socialist Bernie Sanders. (Why is it not surprising to me that voters of a socialist would vote for Lenin over Donald Trump?) To end it on a note which we should all be able to agree on, we all would like to watch them on the debate scene! Also, we all can agree positively on COLONEL Sanders, at least!

    Posted by: Kilk1
  • Third Party in all actuality.

  • I'd rather vote for Lenin then Donald Trump.

  • What Uther said.

  • At one of Donald Trump's rallies the crowd stated chanting "white power!" I think that says alot. It's quite simple Trump doesn't face the economic inequality in this country and doesn't understand like Sanders. Sander's funding is completely transparent, unlike Trump who is backed by PACs and corporations.

  • Donald is whats wrong with this country. Bernie represents all that should be.

  • Bernie has more experience.

  • Trump is a liar, he has relied on government assistance himself (government bailouts is the same as welfare, except corporations get billions while a poor family get a few thousand), he has lied. He has said something and denied ever saying it. He is a bigot and a racist and practically admitting it. He even recently deleted a tweet because it was over the top controversial. He doesn't want to help small businesses he only cares about the big businesses. News flash: big businesses don't EVER need help. EVER! Under no circumstances does a big business ever need help. That's why they are called BIG Businesses and that's why they are Fortune 500 companies. A man who understands and helps the little people is who we need. Trust me, the big businesses can get whatever they need done on their own

  • bernie is my hero

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gabep says2015-08-26T14:15:31.2363334Z
I'm happy to see that the vote for Sanders has picked up. I have regained a small amount of trust for humanity.
Kilk1 says2015-08-27T03:12:24.3520472Z
@Redfreedoms Could you provide a reference of a "crowd" chanting, "white power"? Sure, there may be one person like that in the crowd of 30,000+ people, but where's the crowd? Also, can you give a reference that Sanders' funding is completely transparent, while Trump is backed by PACs and cooperations? I mean, of all the candidates, Trump is probably the one more than all the others who doesn't have to be controlled by special interests, etc. (http://www.Breitbart.Com/2016-presidential-race/2015/06/16/peak-trump-i-dont-need-anybodys-money/), right?
areannagronday says2015-10-06T17:28:38.2552467Z
Bernie ftw
TBR says2015-10-06T18:37:24.4951983Z
Trump doesn't have near the net worth he likes to talk about. Yea, he is rich. Very rich. The primary may cost 50-100 million. He can cover that number, I don't doubt it. I actually don't think that is a good thing, but that's a different topic.

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