Don't you hate it when your parents always think you're playing video games even though you're not?

Posted by: Dishoungh

  • Yes, it's infuriating

  • Nope, I don't mind it at all

80% 12 votes
20% 3 votes
  • I haven't touched my Xbox for 2-3 weeks, yet my dad always think I'm playing games. It's annoying.

  • all the time, same with school

  • mom from other room: MERANDA GET OFF THE VIDEO GAMES!! me doing homework: I'M NOT PLAYING VIDEO GAMES, I'M DOING HOMEWORK! mom: DON'T ARGUE WITH YOUR MOTHER!! me: D:) I'm doing homework!! mom: YOU'RE GROUNDED!!

  • *studying... "Hhhmmm.... phone is ringing." *walks outside to answer phone and stands with hand on phone next to the console... mother and father walks in, "And what do you think you're doing?" This happens more for books and the computer though...

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IamPlato says2014-04-04T05:07:25.8381043-05:00
My parents are dead, so?
SweetTea says2014-04-04T06:34:55.4348204-05:00
I think you need to ask yourself: Why do Mom & Dad think I'm playing video games when I'm not? Do you have a history of breaking rules? Putting video games before studying and/or chores? Perhaps, when immersed in video games, you don't answer them? There's a reason for it.

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