• Duck

  • Rabbit

83% 19 votes
17% 4 votes
  • The beak is long and catches my attention first so that's why I thought of a duck rather than a rabbit. Although I do see why someone would pick rabbit.

    Posted by: Belac
  • rabbit's are cuter but ducks taste a lot better

    Posted by: yay842
  • YUMMY duck rabbit eww

  • http://www.school-portal.co.uk/GroupDownloadAttachment.asp?GroupId=1166375&AttachmentID=1889819

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ndarcy10 says2016-05-31T03:33:27.7652682Z
Hello rabbits r cute this neve
ndarcy10 says2016-05-31T03:34:07.9360407Z
Hello rabbits r cute this neve
ndarcy10 says2016-05-31T03:34:47.3267982Z

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