Free will or determinism?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Free will.

  • Determinism.

58% 15 votes
42% 11 votes
  • In a philosophical sense, yes.

  • It doesn't matter, either way the universe works the same way. I just go with free will because that sounds happier :)

  • Determinism doesn't make sense. If we can't make decisions, who is making them for us? And who is making the decisions for them, or do the people controlling us have free will? It is perfectly possible, but extremely unlikely.

    Posted by: Bob13
  • Maybe there isn't but it's always better to assume that we do have free will.

    Posted by: jerico
  • Free will belongs in the same category as luck, karma, miracles, etc. People who say free will exists are saying we're the exception to the universe.

    Posted by: reece
  • Everything you do has a motive behind it. Every thought you have, every word you say, every action you take. There's always a reason for your decisions that is sometimes beyond your realization.

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reece says2015-10-01T18:20:00.7141035Z
There is no difference between chaos and order, they're both run by cause and effect.
Furyan5 says2015-10-01T21:14:32.6792775Z
The two can coexist. Yes, you can choose tea, or coffee. But you already know you're gonna pick coffee.
russian_metaphor_man says2015-10-01T21:20:35.4926540Z
reece says2015-10-02T06:47:01.5475631Z
@Bob13 Yes, we make decisions. But are those decisions free from fate? In other words - are those decisions free from cause and effect? If you'd agree that you would be 100% certain of what would happen next if you were conscious of everything in the universe, then you would have no reason to argue against my position.
Renegader says2015-10-02T06:56:51.1331837Z
Reece you are absolutely correct about chaos and order. However, a subjective experience of chaos exists in the human conscious., therefore providing the allusion of being a literal embodiment ofour 4-11 dimensions.
reece says2015-10-02T07:03:04.1755924Z
@Renegader You lost me on the last part. Can you explain?
Renegader says2015-10-02T07:26:57.6464044Z
Sorry I meant that our subjective experience tricks us into believing that a perception (of chaos) is actually an objective component of the universe we live in.
reece says2015-10-02T07:35:35.4578851Z
@Renegader Oh yeah, exactly. Things are only chaotic when you're ignorant about it.
reece says2015-10-02T07:38:03.4863362Z
I could of worded it better, but anyway i think you get it.
Furyan5 says2015-10-02T07:40:55.3614102Z
Lol proof that more votes doesn't mean you are correct. In a world full of idiots, idiot philosophy rules. Long live Riddick!
Muttl200 says2015-10-02T07:44:47.8499445Z
@Furyan5 Who exactly are you talking to?
Furyan5 says2015-10-02T07:57:38.1664066Z
If that's not obvious to you, then probably you!
Muttl200 says2015-10-02T08:02:34.1765091Z
@Furyan Well of course, you did infer that more votes actually meant something to someone, which no one suggested as such, so...
Furyan5 says2015-10-02T08:18:46.7534754Z
Ummm correct me if I'm wrong, but the winner of a debate is decided by who gets the more votes, correct?
Furyan5 says2015-10-02T08:21:18.3855034Z
More votes = winner! Nobody suggested it? Lol. What planet are you from?
Muttl200 says2015-10-02T08:42:37.0785957Z
@Furyan5 You misunderstood me. What I meant is, you inferred that the people who voted Freewill think they are correct just because they got the most votes, which of course, no one implied. So I ask again, whom are you speaking to? Also, why so rude?
reece says2015-10-02T09:02:38.5919686Z
@Muttl200 "Who exactly are you talking to?" When people use adverbs as a conjunction to questions like that, they normally do it with a condescending attitude.'Who EXACTLY are you talking to?'I find people that are passive aggressive more rude. Were you being passive aggressive?
Furyan5 says2015-10-02T09:40:14.1701247Z
Lol now now people. No need for aggression. I suffer from stupidiphobia. It causes me to break out in fits of sarcasm. If I have offended you in any way, its probably because you asked a stupid question. Nothing personal.
Furyan5 says2015-10-02T09:45:05.2906588Z
To Mutt, I was merely making a comment. It was as not directed at anyone. I assumed that to be pretty obvious. If you disagree with the sentiment I expressed, it is your right. If you can provide proof to the contrary, please supply it.
Furyan5 says2015-10-14T21:33:36.6213582Z
Lol poor Bob13. Determinism doesn't mean we have a puppet master pulling our strings. It simply means that if you grow up in a house where everyone eats meat, you will believe it's OK to eat meat, unless someone comes along and convinces you that it's not OK. Nobody pulls your strings and tells you to eat meat. Nobody pulls your strings and tells you not to. Your past determines your choices. That is what determinism means.
OneNationUnderGod says2015-10-16T04:20:29.4406216Z
The answer is yes to Both Determinism AND Free Will. This is not an either/or question. 1) Determinism, because none of us makes certain choices about our lives. Being born, who we are born to, When we are born, what our genetics are, how wealthy our families are, whether or not we are abandoned or orphaned as children, whether or not we have physical or mental defects, that we will die, when we will die, how we will die. All of these things are determined outside of our free will. 2) Free Will also holds merit however because - We do have something in us that allows us to choose how we will react to every situation we are faced with. We have free will to decide whether to act with gratitude or ingratitude that we were born, with acceptance or anger towards difficult circumstances, free to choose whether to love or hate in the face of injustices done to us...Etc. I will say free will probably is not fully possible until we mature enough to recognize that we actually can make the difficult choices, (i.E.: we could love our enemies in the face of mistreatment, we could choose to be joyful in the midst of crushing poverty, etc) This takes real discipline though and it takes a rare person. Still we have that choice, and the more often we willfully, consciously choose the unlikely reaction, the more free we actually become, but I think too often, most of us do not succeed in practicing free will. Most of us take the path of least resistance.
Furyan5 says2015-10-23T20:42:20.5293912Z
Every option you offered is learnt. We learn that forgiving our enemies is the only way to be happy. I agree that this is usually learnt when you are more mature, but once you learn it you don't really have much choice if you want to be happy. You learn the attitude and then act accordingly. You do not choose the attitude.
lanimedea says2016-01-01T02:54:09.6205165Z

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