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Global warming is a hoax made by the chinese

Posted by: ONYXxCHAOS

  • Yes

  • No Class

28% 9 votes
72% 23 votes
  • No, Global Warming is a hoax made by the Truth, i.e. it is real.

  • you are paranoid weirdos

  • Global Warming is a hoax. It's called weather. However, there is no evidence that it was instituted by the Chinese.

  • wtf is wrong with u people!?!?!?!?

  • The Chinese didn't even discover it and they do little to propagate climate change.

  • Climate deniers are dumber than dirt, shut up you people don't deserve an opinion or vote.

    Posted by: maslow
  • Global warming is real, whether you believe it or not. Science is a fact, and fact beats opinion. 我的中文不是很好,但是我会试一试。我觉得世界变暖是真的。 不管有人说世界变暖是真的还是假的,科学说这儿是真的。

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triangle.128k says2016-03-16T19:56:58.6741634Z
@NothingSpecial99 我会说汉语,闭嘴!
reece says2016-03-16T20:07:32.2410247Z
@triangle.128k 能你甚至中文?
reece says2016-03-16T20:17:26.6672351Z
@NothingSpecial99 你也是,能你甚至中文?
400spartans says2016-03-17T04:04:34.9042614Z
@reece 我可以!
reece says2016-03-17T19:29:41.0622450Z
@400spartans 去死!
triangle.128k says2016-03-17T19:43:30.6781309Z
@reece 我很好在中文
triangle.128k says2016-03-17T19:53:42.0677908Z
笨中国自由派迫使我们说中文! 现在我们不说英文!
reece says2016-03-17T20:04:12.0593961Z
@triangle.128k 这是我们会成为共产主义最接近. 不要把它离我们
TheJewelOfJool says2016-03-18T17:22:57.1409481Z
DerKurbis... ... ... IT'S NOT WEATHER YOU IDIOT.
richardtrolling says2016-03-24T19:35:42.5726594Z
Red chinese communist detected
Gareth_BM says2016-05-26T07:46:19.9580307Z

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