Government Spending

Posted by: Politedebater12

Recently the new administration has spent Trillions of Dollars in bills for things, Should this continue, Yes or No

  • Yes, Government Spending should continue

  • No, We need to control this

17% 2 votes
83% 10 votes
  • The Government has spent trillions of dollars, Crippling the National debt, Which is already very high, And will eventually destroy the value of money

  • Almost everything government spends with its taxpayers' money hurts its citizens. Dissolving most of the government's programs would be best. Not to mention, We're already $28 trillion in debt. The government forces its people to hold over a quarter of the country's entire debt.

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Mami_the_furry says2021-07-23T20:05:55.0597928Z
Kkkk d

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