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Has america done more good than bad in the last 100 years?

Posted by: BIGC

  • Yes

  • No

67% 14 votes
33% 7 votes
  • They, (people), did more harm than good throughout history. they started sooo many wars its nuts! Plus, we have all this global crap going on. We have global warming, that war with ISIS, there is a religion thing.

  • We have an amendment that allows women to vote, we have legally ended racial segregation, and JimCrow laws. Do we still have room for improvement, concerning equality? YES, but ask any female or minority if they'd prefer to return to the ways things were 100 years ago and I think they'd agree that things are better now.

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pat12345 says2016-03-10T03:35:28.4751952Z
World War II. *Mic drop*
TheDom275 says2016-03-11T11:40:10.6636362Z
Honestly, Russia did more than anyone else in WWII.

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