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reece says2016-12-11T23:48:30.2569249Z
@ConservativeLuke While you act like all feminists think that way. The irony.
Letsuana says2016-12-12T15:10:53.5985883Z
I believe the loudest part of feminism has become misandristic, the one's who believe men are born sexist, everything they do oppresses women, etc. While I do believe feminism has done well in the past, I think it's gone a bit overboard now. Feminism is about women being equal to men, not to take revenge on men. And as I said, I believe it's mainly the loudest part of feminism that believes this, I'm sure there are quite a few feminists who don't.
Togxmi says2016-12-20T21:36:01.1290176Z
As a feminist myself, feminism has gotten more tainted over time. It's about equality between men and women but seeing women out there who take it and use it as an excuse to be plain-out sexist towards men seriously upsets me. That's not why feminism exists, it's here to help everyone. Please stop using it as a way to be sexist.

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