• Yes. There is no evidence it works yet it is sold as a treatment making it unethical.

  • No. I think it can help therefore it is ethical to sell it as a treatment even without evidence.

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Kreakin says2016-06-16T22:13:21.3496996Z
You could also think of this as "Is it ethical to sell the placebo effect?"
thesnare7000 says2016-06-17T05:16:24.5171150Z
It is unethical because it is it BS, plain and simple. Numerous studies have shown that actual treatment itself is far more effacious (in most cases) than the placebo. Homeopathy (and placebo) will do absolutely nothing for a broken arm, and many other ailments, and denying them the real treatment is unethical. I once heard about a set of parents who didn't go to the hospital when their child was stung over 100 times by bees, but instead of prayed, the child ended up dying, as it would if you tried a homeopathic treatment instead.

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