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40% 27 votes
  • because the hole is connecting to the top

  • ok

    Posted by: lolhey
  • It has 4 fool

  • Just because the hole is long doesn't mean there are two holes.

  • I think a straw only has one hole because you only need to drill one hole through a plastic cylinder to make one. There's a difference between a hole and an opening. The straw has two openings, but only has one hole.

  • There's one hole because it connects to the same thing. Like saying a wire from one end to another is a different wire on two different ends. But technically theres no holes because it's really just a tube.

    Posted by: JJ1210
  • One..... it's like a tunnel.

  • It's like a tunnel; a tunnel doesn't have two holes, just one continuous hole all the way through.

  • if i could i would say non, saying a straw has a hole implies it has a hole in one of the sides. one does not say a tunnel has a hole in it so why would a straw have a hole in it, it is a tube you could easily say a straw is just a long hole in a peace of thin plastic; but that would be stupid because that is not what a straw is. a straw is just a thin peace of plastic formed into a simi-long cylindrical tube for drinking things

  • because. It just does ok. Follow me on twitter @distantsicvevo

    Posted by: tobbin
  • A shirt has 4 holes in it. So it doesn’t matter if the holes connect. You count both openings

    Posted by: Yeye
  • Well technically guys a straw has an infinite amount of opening between molecules, so I'm gonna pick this one because it's closer to near-infinity.

  • One big long one.

  • Hole=port of penetration there are two holes in straws because you stick something in either way

    Posted by: Eli724
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Tapestry says2018-01-04T05:25:44.7616778Z
Neither. A hole has to have a base. It's a tube!
master-de-baiter says2018-01-16T20:59:40.2303262Z
If you stab a apple theres one hole same logic
DebatingGuy says2018-02-20T00:14:47.6960548Z
The definition of a HOLE IS, "a hollow place in a solid body or surface." and the definition of a TUBE IS, "a long, hollow cylinder.", so a tube has a hole by definition. A tube only has one hollow place that I know of, so I think there is only one hole.
Flakeburg6 says2019-03-22T13:32:27.1166222Z
No an hole has twelve holes. :l

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