If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It.

Posted by: reece

Is it inherently a conservative saying. If so, why?

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Yes, it's conservative. It's all about traditionalism

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No it's not. It depends on context

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PowerPikachu21 says2016-06-14T21:50:43.8622741Z
@IanDanielKohler That's a really good point you made. Upkeep is important, like you said.
triangle.128k says2016-06-14T22:55:27.9695018Z
More of your blatantly SJW leftist progressive bullsh!T propaganda?
reece says2016-06-14T23:26:14.4124375Z
I've missed DDO :)
reece says2016-06-15T01:27:01.5168930Z
@triangle.128k Btw, more socialism is progress compared to the system the U.S. has currently. XD
reece says2016-06-15T01:29:38.2510977Z
Well, except for the excessive corporate welfare.
reece says2016-06-15T01:32:31.2874069Z
Oh yeah, and conservatism by its very nature is apposed to progress.
reece says2016-06-15T01:34:55.6195321Z
triangle.128k says2016-06-15T01:51:11.3901870Z
@reece Yeah, that's why the USA contributes more to technological advancement, and has a stronger economy than socialistic Western Europe.
triangle.128k says2016-06-15T01:54:05.6683662Z
There's a difference between progress and changing for the sake of change. Classical Liberalism is the most in favor of progress, while Progressivism wants to implement diet marxism.
reece says2016-06-15T02:02:53.3634868Z
@triangle.128k America got as strong as it has by going to war, demolishing developing nations, propping up dictators and terrorist organisations.
reece says2016-06-15T02:04:52.6886517Z
@triangle.128k We are forced to innovate because of conservative nut jobs.
reece says2016-06-15T02:15:34.4299654Z
@triangle.128k BTW, America relies on the H-1B visa. Without it, the scintific establishment would collapse. What the brain gains, the brain drains.

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