If there are license and insurance for cars, shouldn't they be the same for guns?

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-06-27T14:19:11.1686345Z
If you wish to run a comparison with vehicles in order to justify license and insurance requirements for gun owners, one must complete the comparison; you can't cherry pick. Point being, if license and insurance requirements are justified via comparison, so shall negligence, misuse, failure to follow laws, and even accidents be used in direct comparison. That means you get a traffic ticket, parking ticket, crash your car, cause or are part of a no fault accident, even just speed; you lose your license and ability to operate a motor vehicle for life, AND all of your vehicles and accessories are immediately confiscated without compensation. How's that sound to you?
maslow says2016-06-27T19:53:35.0739103Z
Black Jesus: gun insurance would be viable if you were to accidentally shoot something or someone and not kill them, yes?
maslow says2016-06-27T19:54:28.4269363Z
MSPD: Some people's cars are confiscated
maslow says2016-06-27T19:56:31.9501117Z
How does this sound to you: a kid is on the play ground beating all the other kids with a stick, do you take the stick away or arm every kid with a stick and let them beat each other senseless? That is about as sensible as getting more and more guns.
Black-Jesus says2016-06-27T20:33:19.5463013Z
@maslow, No, health/hospital insurance would cover that. Gun insurance would only be applicable if you broke your expensive gun and wanted to replace it.
Black-Jesus says2016-06-27T20:35:05.8297826Z
At least that's what it sounds like when you say "gun insurance"
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-06-27T21:24:46.4940893Z
@maslow -- Cars are towed for being parked and unattended in an illegal and/or dangerous spot; booting and towing is also performed in a very small number of densely populated business districts for excessive unpaid illegal parking tickets. However, this is not permanent confiscation. The vehicle's owner is able to immediately recover their vehicle and without undue hassle. Additionally, not a single person in the entire U.S. is or can be denied the ability to purchase a vehicle. Even a child may purchase a vehicle. They cannot receive financing, but if they have the money to purchase up front, they can; court supervision would be required, but the child would legally own the vehicle.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-06-27T21:29:48.9488281Z
@maslow -- OH! And let me take the time to point out that a person convicted of ANY crime, including vehicular manslaughter and even 1st degree murder when the murder weapon is a car can still go out and buy as many vehicles as they want. There is no loss of ability to purchase a vehicle no matter what. So there is no current comparison to be made there as you have attempted to do.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-06-27T21:34:54.6327876Z
@maslow -- Think about it this way: When purchasing a vehicle, whether on the street, an auction, a used car dealer, online purchase, new car dealer, etc.; do you have to check a box notifying the seller that you have been convicted of committing a crime? Do you have to fill out any federal criminal database search forms? Do you pay any fees in order for the seller to run a criminal background check on you? Nope. So there is in fact no system even setup for a person to lose their ability to purchase a vehicle.
maslow says2016-06-28T03:50:46.0171128Z
MakeSense(NOT) You have over-analyzed the shit out of a simple comparison and missed the point completely because you are so narrow minded about being a fucking gun nut. Rationalize guns and gun violence all you want I hope you feel the full wrath when it hits you personally, jerk.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-06-28T05:23:07.1717111Z
@maslow -- WOW! That has got to be the Guinness World Record for least number of debate rounds completed before the liberal debater has a full on aneurysm, stroke, seizure, cardiac arrest style implosion, full liberal meltdown as their rebuttal.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-06-28T05:23:46.0154621Z
@maslow -- It only took me one single rebuttal round to shut you down so hard. You really just submitted a public comment making the completely random and nutty assertion that I'm some narrow minded gun nut without any evidence to back it up. Then you go on to ATTEMPT to criticize me for pointing out your misleading statement and providing the correct information, not to mention your COMPLETELY incorrect use of the word "rationalize". Could you also please quote me where I argued justification of gun violence? Let's not miss the classic left-wing ghost argument of me "missing the point completely" simply because how DARE I make a common sense rebuttal that makes perfect sense but you didn't think about and have no rebuttal for. I over-analyzed your simple comparison? Well....You under-analyzed and over-simplified a complex situation, (Pause for 4 seconds) You're a towel. And did you seriously conclude by wishing serious bodily harm and/or death to myself or close loved-ones by gun violence? So classy...Giving Mother Teresa a run for her money there friend.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-06-28T05:27:41.9337192Z
@maslow -- And the icing on the cake.....You sent me a private message then, which so eloquently knighted me "a prick". Full...On...Cornered and defeated liberal meltdown. LOL....Just LOL.

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