If you wake up to find yourself locked in a trunk full of c4 explosives set to go off in 60 minutes, buckled in a straightjacket and gagged, could you escape?

Posted by: Jman9000

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Nope. I'd go Ka Boam.

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Yes (Run Forrest Run!) :)

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SamStevens says2015-08-16T17:45:54.8556560Z
Where are you getting these ideas from, Jman9000?
TheHappyReaper says2015-08-25T18:14:55.1708546Z
It depends. There are several ways out of straight jacket, all involving intense physical pain. And most car trunks have release latches inside the trunks to prevent children from getting trapped in there. If it was an older car, then I would have no chance of escaping, as I would be unable to punch my way out of a car trunk.

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