Is a Black Market a Free Market?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Yes. Freer Than Any Other Market.

  • No. Too Much Government Intervention.

78% 28 votes
22% 8 votes
  • Technically as free as a market can get, but subverts government intervention illegally so it's fuck all.

  • Neglecting it legality it is the true definition of a free market

  • Well when you think about it, The black market tends to form and grow only when the government intervenes, So yes the black market is the most free market there is. Of course by their very nature black markets are illegal, Which means breaking laws within the market is no big deal since you're breaking the law by simply selling or buying, And that can lead to other forms of violent crime.

  • Obviously. The black market isn't regulated at all, Neither is it controlled by one or even few people. The black market is basically Anarcho-Capitalism. It's the most free market that we can have

  • I don't think we should give black people a separate market.

  • Actually it isn't really a free market because of (well government stopping the practices) but more than that there is no universal control of force. It is more anarchistic than free market. In a free market someone can't just kill their competition with guns.

    Posted by: Letrus
  • A free market is a market free of government intervention. The black market being illegal is definitely evidence of the government intervening.

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reece says2017-06-07T12:47:34.7807038Z
Masterful, you're trying too hard in terms of turning your account arround.
Verita says2017-07-19T13:58:18.9892027Z
If by "free" you mean two parties voluntarily exchange goods of services with commodities they equally value then yes. If you mean "free" as in free from government involvement in private transactions then no
reece says2017-07-20T00:39:04.1293908Z
Verita, so why didn't you pick yes?
reece says2017-11-08T14:04:50.3063411Z
@Letrus Yes they can. America has been exporting its free market all over the world.
reece says2017-11-08T14:10:13.1816108Z
The only difference between thugs on the streets and thugs in politics, is the magnitude of it.

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