Is a hot dog a sandwhich

Posted by: TylerGaming101

Literally what the title says

  • No of course not

  • Yea of course it is

67% 8 votes
33% 4 votes
  • You need 2 pieces of bread to make a sandwich, The bun of a hotdog only counts as one.

  • A hot dog is kinda like a sub but as a sub sandwitch so Idk but if I had to chose it would be no

  • A hot dog is a hot dog a sandwich is a sandwich what makes a sandwich is *2* pieces of bread and a filling.

    Posted by: 3rifty
  • food between bread=sandwich

  • a hotdog is a sandwich because it contains sandwich ingredient(meat, Vegetables) between bread. A smorgasbord is a sandwich, Why not a hot dog?

  • If your argument for a hot dog not being a sandwich is that it is not two pieces of bread, Then I guess Subway and Jimmy Johns don't sell sandwiches anymore, I guess all Subs, Hero's, And Hoagies are no longer sandwiches either.

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