Is animal testing good or bad?

Posted by: bruh12

Drugs and cosmetics

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Acceptable if the three "R's" are applied.

The three Rs The three Rs are a set of principles that scientists are encouraged to follow in order to reduce the impact of research on animals. The three Rs are: Reduction, Refinement, Replacement. Reduction: Reducing the number of...  animals used in experiments by: Improving experimental techniques Improving techniques of data analysis Sharing information with other researchers Refinement: Refining the experiment or the way the animals are cared for so as to reduce their suffering by: Using less invasive techniques Better medical care Better living conditions Replacement: Replacing experiments on animals with alternative techniques such as: Experimenting on cell cultures instead of whole animals Using computer models Studying human volunteers Using epidemiological studie   more
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Would you rather human testing?

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124275 says2016-05-12T20:29:59.6386947Z
Animals will not benifit from the testing accept from new veterinary treatment but this is as bad as killing people in human testing.
Kreakin says2016-05-12T20:42:45.5880046Z
Presumably you never killed or ate any living thing then.? You don't wear leather or kill vermin...

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