Is Ann Coulter stupid?

Posted by: Texas14

Ok I try not to take shots at people unless they are stupid or is a bad person. I watched an Ann Coulter interview with John Stossel from like 5 years ago and the things she said were insane. I think she's stupid. Do you agree?

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Sarra says2015-09-06T12:49:19.6780286Z
Who is Ann Coulter?
PericIes says2015-09-06T19:17:46.1713606Z
Kreakin says2015-09-06T23:02:21.6567873Z
Some people make good money pretending to be stupid and it seems she doesn't have to try to hard.
Heterodox says2015-09-07T20:49:05.2295148Z
@Texas14 That gay people can get married to members of the opposite sex is true and has been for quite a while. How does that make her stupid? Marriage has a definition, it doesn't included same sex, it doesn't include pets, it doesn't included multiple partners. Of course I don't think the law should have anything to do with marriage in the first place. What they should do is change it to partnership contracts, in that way it could possibly include all those things marriage doesn't and leave marriages to the religions (where it belongs).
Huntress says2015-09-07T22:53:55.3996498Z
The fact that Yes is in the lead demonstrates the lack of objective reasoning among users here. Whether or not you like someone or agree with them has nothing to do with their intelligence.
TBR says2015-09-07T23:09:05.9614283Z
@Huntress - No, but listening to her for years is a good basis for judgement.
Huntress says2015-09-07T23:14:00.0035629Z
She's an entertainer. You do get that right? She does things just to rattle cages.
TBR says2015-09-07T23:15:58.2487995Z
@Huntress - I think that is fine. Then she needs to stay off the news shows, and stop interjecting in political discourse.
purplehelmutpete says2015-09-08T19:01:44.8003668Z
Ann Coulter is wise, informed and factual. There aren't enough women/people like her.

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