Is Canada an American puppet?

Posted by: Rezamee

Is America's influence over Canada so great that it's basically a puppet to the whims of the United States?

  • Yes it is. If Canada does anything America doesn't want it to, it may suffer the consequences.

  • No it isn't. Canada has kept its sovereignty independent and the United States plays no role in Canadian affairs.

18% 2 votes
82% 9 votes
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Rezamee says2015-10-11T04:28:35.0784179Z
I really wish you could delete polls.
Rezamee says2015-10-11T04:51:35.9857733Z
Don't use this poll, its a sham, use the other one right of it.
triangle.128k says2015-10-11T05:01:34.4132813Z
@Rezamee You know the most recent poll is usually kept, the older copies are deleted?
Rezamee says2015-10-11T05:03:57.4524320Z
@triangle. 128k Wait really? But I see the other poll in the selection menu... Is it only me that sees it? I don't think so.
can200114 says2015-10-11T18:03:01.6242858Z
Totally different regimes !

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