Is Clash of Clans anti-Semitic?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Yes

  • No

22% 4 votes
78% 14 votes
  • No lol ive played this game for 3 years and I never even noticed the resemblance. Goblins are a common monster in movies however and they usually look kinda like that so I do not see a problem. Also semites are people that speak hebrew, not all jewish people are semites.

  • what the ****

    Posted by: Cat47
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victorviolin says2016-12-22T02:22:54.1451174Z
Uh ???
victorviolin says2016-12-22T02:23:33.0673669Z
Explanation please ????
Nanubot says2016-12-22T02:50:25.1349006Z
The hell?
David_Debates says2016-12-22T03:07:10.5919720Z
What is this poll, exactly? Is your theory that the Goblins are portrayed to be Jews?
reece says2016-12-22T10:06:30.7401306Z
I can't believe everyone is so serious.
gators43776 says2016-12-31T18:32:34.9927033Z
Um how is clash of clans anti semitic i don't need an explanation

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