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  • he be on tweeter calling black people aficans then he said when he become presendent he gonna sented all the black people back to afica were we belong he so races

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Dpowell says2016-03-07T18:00:26.1458763Z
@delisha You need to learn how to talk for one. Two, he's not racist. At no point did he ever say that he was going to deport all the black people. That's just a rumor that some liberal started to make Trump look bad (it inevitably failed, obviously). He said he was going to deport everyone who's here illegally. Just because some illegal immigrants may be black, doesn't mean he's racist. An illegal immigrant is not a race. It's a criminal.
ADF28 says2016-03-10T17:59:06.2441843Z
@delisha Almost positive you never passed 5th grade grammar.
MC_HARMAN says2016-11-22T23:37:59.0986176Z
@delisha: He never said that.

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