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Is egalitarianism better than feminism?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Egalitarians want equality for all wheras most feminists just want equality for women. Many feminists claim they care about men's rights too but I highly doubt that because I have NEVER heard a feminist talk about the issue of sexism against men! Many feminists are sexist scumbags who deserve to spend an eternity in the fiery lakes of hell. At least egalitarians are more trustworthy in their cause and care about equal rights for everyone! What do you think?

21 Total Votes

YES, egalitarianism is better than feminism!

16 votes

No, feminism is better than egalitarianism!

5 votes
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BrendanD19 says2016-06-29T18:09:01.3039359Z
Feminism is a form of Egalitarianism
Foodiesoul says2016-06-29T18:10:36.4698426Z
@BrendanD19 How so? :?
Eqcuis says2016-06-29T22:25:22.9033302Z
@foodiesoul feminism is kind of a form of egalitarianism but most feminist don't use it as such. Equal rights for woman is apart of egalitarianism since egalitarianism is equal rights for all. Feminism is just the branch that focuses mainly on woman problems but also recognizes men's problems, it'd be hard to handle everyone's problems all at once so it's easier to divide egalitarianism into some sub-groups. Though most feminist, at least the ones I've encountered, tend to be all for woman's rights but completely or partially ignore men's problems and put most of the blame for inequality on men. Does that make any sense?
Foodiesoul says2016-06-29T22:28:39.8103168Z
@Eqcuis Yes, it makes perfect sense! Thanks!
Samcoder1 says2016-06-30T07:28:32.9665296Z
@Eqcuis What nonsense! Feminism has nothing to do with egalitarianism, and why should it? It is a political movement set to empower women and so it took on when women had a hard time. Now they don't its relevance in today's world is starting to be questioned. I think you would find it difficult in today's world to find a racist or homophobic Feminist. The fact of the matter is that most Feminists want equal rights for all, regardless of gender and race, and so are not Feminists, but egalitarians.
aaaaannnnaaaeed says2016-07-01T13:17:00.9611414Z
Both involve promoting equality therefore both are necessary.
Eqcuis says2016-07-03T00:52:06.9481769Z
@samcoder1 as I said, most feminist I've encountered seem to only care about women's rights and equality, seem to pin the blame on men, claim their all for equality but still say things and do actions that are gender-discriminatory things Though actual feminism is woman who focus more primarily on women's rights but want equality for all and recognize other problems within the other gender and such. I'm know for a fact and have personally experienced that there are a lot feminist who are out there and use the form of feminism that recognize everyone else's problems but primarily focus on problems that will help woman become more equal and I also know for a fact and have personally experienced feminist that focus on women's equality and put other problems that aren't their gender exclusive below them, which I've encountered more of. Sorry if I offend you and anyone else but this is what I strongly believe, that there are two type of feminism, one that is a form of egalitarianism and another that is separated from egalitarianism as it's own form.
Samcoder1 says2016-07-03T08:57:35.9419986Z
@Ecquis Fear not I'm not offended! However I do disagree. If a Feminist focuses equally on both male and female problems then they are not a Feminist but an Egalitarian. I have not seen a Feminist yet who is horrified by gender quotas, even though they are direct discrimination based on gender. It is clear as day that Feminists always seek to put women first, and that is needed in an oppressive society. Hence send them to places that need gender revolutions like Saudi Arabia. I have never in my life heard a single feminist even mention workplace mortality or suicide rates. Maybe they do care, but they have not looked at all into the problems men face. If it is up to men's rights activists to point out the problems men face, Feminists quite clearly have other things on their minds.
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-03T16:20:40.1853240Z
Both are cancer.
Eqcuis says2016-07-03T18:44:52.3769091Z
@samcoder1 I respect your view and understand it. However I do still believe in mine where feminist focus primarily on women's problems but still recognize other problems. Thank you for taking the time to share with me though.
Anonymous says2017-07-10T23:01:40.5854856Z
Egalitarianism doesn't take any radical stances. You can't focus on everyone at once and expect to get ANYTHING done!
HoloPuff says2018-02-08T05:09:50.0914707Z
I believe egalitarian is a far more efficient way that feminism it focuses on all aspects rather than just one.
HoloPuff says2018-02-08T05:10:44.5042707Z
I believe egalitarian is a far more efficient way that feminism it focuses on all aspects rather than just one.

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