Is gender more than a social construct?

Or is it a biological construct?

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briantheliberal says2015-08-10T18:48:32.7800126Z
Gender itself is not a social construct, it is directly tied to our biological sex. Gender roles and expression are social constructs, things that humans created and give meaning to.
DavidMGold says2015-08-10T22:18:27.1632904Z
@briantheliberal - that's contradictory and convoluted; on one hand you acknowledge that gender is "directly tied to our biological sex," but at the same time you proffer a contradictory claim that the very traits that define sex are "roles" and "social constructs." Sadly, a lot of people won't weigh your statement, which is grossly unscientific and found in course descriptions for Feminist Political Theory and other intellectual hoaxes that have gained acceptance in academia.
briantheliberal says2015-08-10T22:40:50.0354985Z
DavidMGold, the only thing "contradictory and convoluted" is your invalid refutation full of ridiculous logical fallacies. Gender, or rather the identity we have about ourselves and our bodies in relation to the sex we were born, is not a social construct. If I was born with a vagina, and I did not feel comfortable with that fact, my gender would conflict with by biological sex, because they are correlated in different way. Our biological sex plays a fundamental role in what behaviors we partake. However gender roles and expression differ from gender itself because they are mainly determined and altered by the society in which we live. Aside from this, I don't even identify as a feminist, you simply made that asinine assumption because apparently anyone who disagrees with you has to be a delusional radical Tumblr feminist.
DavidMGold says2015-08-10T23:00:27.7338478Z
@briantheliberal - 1) try thinking before you speak (or in this case typing) and 2) your statement DID posit two contradictory positions. Misappropriating and misusing terms (logical fallacies) nor does being bombastic disguise your pseudo-intellectual platitudes that can be found in college course descriptions touting radical feminist political beliefs that run contrary to science. For future debates, please refrain from essentially repeating the same narrative I criticized in long form. Finally, brush up on your reading comprehension whereas I never made an assumption nor accused you of being feminist and merely pointed out how these political beliefs are part of the ideology you wear on your sleeve.
briantheliberal says2015-08-10T23:04:13.5296952Z
DavidMGold, 1. You should practice what you preach before you preach it. And 2. My initial statement did not present any contradictory information. There is a difference between the gender we feel and identify, and the behaviors we express that are commonly associated with a particular sex or gender. If your ridiculous "criticisms" made sense to begin with, I wouldn't have to further explain for you to better comprehend what I initially said. You tried, now you're dismissed.
Sarra says2015-08-11T02:53:57.5214363Z
By answering either yes or no to this question, it makes the assumption that the voter agrees with the concept that gender is at least a social construct. I disagree with this assumption. Society pushes its societal norms onto relationships, but it is up to each dyad (or polyad for Mormons) to choose whether to accept or reject them. If rejected, the dyad can form its own agreement with regards to roles, norms, division of labor, and behaviors.
Anonymous says2015-08-11T19:34:33.4562751Z
There are many gender roles that are a result of deffidentally social constructs but a lot are biological. Women being more likely to be nurses or pre schoolteachers than men is because we are more drawn to nurturing than men. Men being more aggressive and protective is also because if their biology.
jaksunmadness says2015-08-13T09:32:20.9802830Z
The doctors made it clear that it's called a sex reassignment surgery so stop calling yourselves transgenders you are transsexuals
Network says2015-08-16T04:54:23.3999297Z
[sarcasm]Too bad, I thought you could change a person's gender through lobotomy. GRS they call it.[/sarcasm]

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