Is Global Warming something to blame humans for?

Posted by: KennanDavis

The famous question that everyone disagrees about, do humans really cause climate change? Well I'm doing a debate for school and I want your answers! So please help me out and leave a comment on why you believe what you do. Thanks and I hope you have a nice day!

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John_C_1812 says2017-01-22T03:13:06.9630673Z
Humans manipulate the climate not change the climate. We start by building homes and shelter. Then the homes are given heat and cooling. We craft lakes, rivers, and even nurture Islands. We make ice-cream when it is hot, hot chocolate you can drink when it is cold.
CosmoJarvis says2017-01-22T03:37:44.6583430Z
@John What do you mean by "manipulate the climate, not change the climate." As far as I'm concerned, "manipulation" and "change" are synonymous.
EggsAndSam says2017-01-22T20:38:39.7636652Z
Yes of course we do. Our CO2 emissions can be tracked because we give off a "fingerprint" of a lighter isotope than other sources of CO2. While other sources certainly give off more emissions, they are part of the Carbon cycle which recycles that carbon into photosynthesis for plants along with other things, whereas we are just adding CO2 without every removing any. On top of that, we have developed accurate computer simulations able to track the impact of natural aspects and human aspects, using that, if we remove the human aspect, the results we get aren't accurate to the changes we have seen throughout the globe, it is only accurate if we include humans. The big thing is not the level of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, but the rapid RATE that CO2 concentrations are rising, it is one of the biggest spikes in history which results in major changes for the Earth unless we are able to change our ways by switching to clean energy, creating better roads, etc. Already, this impact is irreversible, and it will only get worse if we continue to deny the facts for reasons I still to this day do not understand, I am thankful that at least modern schools are now presenting the data to children so they can realize on their own, without the impact of their religious parents, that the Earth is indeed changing because of human emissions into the Earth's atmosphere. Kennan, it is already a proven FACT that humans are major factors of climate change, so I really do not see how it is much of a debate. I would advise you to simply do some research on your own for your debate for that is the best way to learn and things aren't simply going to be spoonfed to you. HOWEVER, PLEASE USE RELIABLE LINKS. If it ends in ".Org" or ".Edu" or something like that, it is mostly likely reliable, you can use other links but make sure to check the author for they might be some biased ignorant religious freak using inaccurate/false information.
EggsAndSam says2017-01-22T20:42:49.7536652Z
I meant to say "other sources of giving off major emissions", they don't give off more emissions that I am aware of. Some people may say volcanoes do, but that is completely false for we give off 10x more CO2
CosmoJarvis says2017-01-22T21:21:14.8876652Z
Great argument, EggsAndSam
EggsAndSam says2017-01-22T21:56:31.5052110Z
Thanks CosmoJarvis
John_C_1812 says2017-01-23T13:46:06.0468950Z
There are basic differences. Manipulate can be intentional the synonym means the words can be used in place of each other. It is not a guaranty that the meanings are identical. There is an accusation being made not an interpretation. The words picked are being chosen to hide the accusation. That alone is a form of climate manipulation. The science community by fact incapable of being impartial and is presenting itself as such by use of a base knowledge. Again manipulation. Co2 gives no figure Print it has no fingers. There is a Chemical trail that is followed back to natural sources. Human use is simply assumed as the only reason these chemicals are released into the air. The shared pattern is the fixed equation. It is the one way both math and science use to create the answer they desire to be fact. As both of these forms of public governing compete with a constitutional separation process for financing, be it taxation of credit towards the leverage of debt held by receipt.
John_C_1812 says2017-01-25T18:39:56.4558285Z
EggsandSam Does make a great argument without any doubt. So why with such great technology already in uses with Co2 scrubbers. Scrubbers used in not just Submarines but in space travel. Why not just scrub the air it would have been the fastest way to make reductions, proving a point. This is not an unrealistic expectation or demand being placed on people who are making a public accusation. Outside the fixed equation of this problem are facts. If refining creates Co2 from the process then nature refines and creates Co2 that is identical. Crude forms a bubble when cooked underground the bubble simple pops at random cycles. So this type of assessment was not scientifically sound. What has happened to the natural Co2 scrubbers that now mechanical ones need to be put into place? There is a reason why 2/3 of the earth’s surface is covered in water. The research has never been conducted to provide information needed to calibrate many of the methods verifying data. The most predominate understanding is accidentally given as a result of the conclusion of the Iraq War as oil fields had been lit on fire. Is this the source of the Co2 indicators which are triggering an alarm?
0ooooo0ooo says2017-02-17T16:46:13.1680101Z
Closed with the wrong conclusion :(
SamanthatheConservative says2017-02-21T05:17:49.8194749Z
How can you blame humans for something that don't exist ? Shouldn't you be out rioting at UC Berkeley ?
John_C_1812 says2017-02-21T13:59:20.9894922Z
Global Warming and Climate change both exist. The argument of debate is just so complicated it is impossible for the average person to have access to the information needed to separate human from a natural occurrence. Climate manipulation is a basic principle that can be started from only people, then the extent of the change can be measured outward into the natural world. Does Ice cream exist Samantha? Humans manipulate the temperature to make ice-cream. So manipulating temperature for money or by accident is not a novel idea.

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