Is homework good or bad?!?

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  • Homework is good

  • Homework is bad

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55% 11 votes
  • Homework is good for you. Now, don't think me to be one of those extreme school nerds who have nothing better to do except study and work on school. I hate homework...I don't like working on it, I don't like receiving it, and I don't like it being required of me to complete it, but it is beneficial to our minds. Lectures can not be the only method to implement information into our minds. We need to put it into practice. That requires for us to practice the information at home. Therefore, we get home work. We may not like home work, but it is good for us.

  • There are several reasons why regular homework for students is counter-productive and ineffective, those reasons I will explain in my argument below. 1. For one thing, this ties back to core curriculum and education in academic environments. To be frank, having a preset list of classes for students to endure is painful to their ability to develop as academics and potential workers. Core curriculum is a great way to overwhelm, frustrate and agitate students who are looking for a decent education. According to an article from The Federalist, written in 2014, parents have by large numbers actually stood up against common core for numerous reasons: including but not limited to the same very same reasons I had briefly mentioned earlier. The following quote from [that] article perfectly describes this idea, "The mandates also explicitly require kids to learn the least efficient ways of solving basic problems one, two, and even three grade levels before they are to learn the traditional, efficient ways." On record, it takes students one full minute to solve the problem '9+6' using methods taught by core curriculum systems. Yet there are ways that it can be taught so much more efficiently. 2. Homework overwhelms students with excess information that can prove to be counterproductive, in the sense that it actually stunts students' ability to comprehend information that they are meant to in their classes. Research from Stanford University uncovered that more than 2 hours of homework per night can be counterproductive to extremities. According to the article published by the University, a majority of students found homework to be a primary source of their stress in daily life. "56 percent of the students considered homework a primary source of stress, according to the survey data." Is this not an area of grave concern for the American people - or anyone? Now, according to that very same study (where 4,317 students were studied upon), less than 1 percent of students declared that homework was not in fact a source of stress for them. However, University Park also did a study asking the same question. According to an interview with an individual who had helped to administer the study, "An unintended consequence may be that those children who need extra work and drill the most are the ones least likely to get it. Increasing homework loads is likely to aggravate tensions within the family, thereby generating more inequality and eroding the quality of overall education." Is it not by now clear that homework is a detriment to the academic development of students in the real world? Sources cited; 1. 2. ,

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TheKingDebater says2016-03-23T01:32:51.8749133Z
Homework takes a lot of time to do especially if you want to get high degrees. It takes lots of time from the time we can spend with our family,ourselves and do stuff we like
maslow says2016-05-27T20:36:07.5222367Z
Homework is necessary in moderation.
houstonfan0 says2016-05-30T08:10:32.6730752Z
Homework is pointless for all ages (especially in older grades). Students today are getting more progressively lazier and they are not doing and dont want to do it, but when they do, its incredibly choppy with many mistakes and errors. Also many high school students are already stuck in the middle of school, work, and extra curricular activities making homework even more of a hassle. Homework is also the reason many students dont have high grades and arnt able to attend better universities.
Charlatte says2019-03-08T21:04:00.6290139Z
Homework is bad as studies prove. Unless the student takes an interest in the topic and chooses to learn more and further themselves in that specific one then do NOT give out homework. Make it optional.

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