Is Islam a peaceful religion?

Posted by: thedebater99

Poll closed on 7/5/2016 at 6:32PM.
  • Peaceful!

  • Violent! , not peaceful

45% 10 votes
55% 12 votes
  • Islamic militants do not represent mainstream Islam.

  • I smell a flamewar

  • Islam in and of itself is quite peaceful. However, when the term jihad (struggle) is misinterpreted as a holy war against non-believers, you get terrorist twats like ISIS and Al-Quaeda.

  • Yes islam is peaceful. But there is 2% of them that are extremeists. We just tend to focus on the bad, not the good.

  • None of the Abrahamic religions are peaceful by any means, this becomes clear by reading their holy books for yourself and seeing the violence they preach and advocate.

  • There is no peaceful religion in the line of faiths passed down by Abraham.

  • Actually Islam is a very violent religion. They literally believe that in order for their messiah to come to Earth they must kill or convert all infidels. This is not "radicalized" muslims, this is actually what they believe.

    Posted by: Crede
  • Whether religion is violent in scripture or not, it's followers have waged wars throughout history proving that it is just the same as current religions and those that have been abolished. This religion is not peaceful in its entirety, so yes it is violent.

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lightseeker says2016-06-20T11:01:16.1121416Z
True Islam is a peaceful. Us funded groups that carry name of Islam are not.
Kreakin says2016-06-20T15:12:30.6192486Z
This is a pretty had one to answer yes or no. It's like saying Christians that follow the old testament would be violent and the followers of the New testament peaceful. Islam can be either depending on what parts you choose to follow, some of it was written at a time of war some, at peace times. You can see it is the reader not the book, as it is with the Bible, that is peaceful or otherwise.
Innkeep says2016-06-21T03:14:17.1606534Z
There are parts of the Abrahamic faiths that can be interpreted as peaceful; however when the laws call for the murder and assault of non-believers we cross the line of peace and are to be rightfully considered violent.

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