Is it appropriate for a girl to be showing her midriff?

Posted by: ladiesman

  • Yes

  • No

71% 64 votes
29% 26 votes
  • It depends on the situation; at formal parties, job interviews, etc. it's considered unacceptable. But in situations such as being at the beach or pool, it's normal for girls to be showing their bellies. School dress codes forbid female students from wearing clothing that exposes their midriffs, but that doesn't stop some people.

  • WHY DO YOU CARE???????? I understand if you don't want to wear it, but have ya ever gone to a swimming pool, you must really hate it there.

  • I mean, how scandalous, right? I suppose men shouldn't be allowed to show either.

  • I love it when girls show off their midriffs because it gives me this sudden urge to masturbate in the bathrooms. A little release here and there is healthy, right?

  • You are at school to learn, not stare a a girls tits

  • Be who you want to be. Wear what you want to wear. Do what makes you feel happy and beautiful! I know it may be seen as inappropriate but what if it is considered inappropriate to wear long shirts in an alternate universe, Who knows. Just be you.

  • There's no shame in wearing a crop top, But, If you insist on it, Please have the body for it:)

  • yes i totally agree that girl should wear whtever they like inspite of the thinking of the people. Showing their stomach or any other body part is their self confidence not a show-off. :)

  • no

  • People seem to have this mentality of "if you don't like it you don't have to do it". It's a silly idea with little basis and consistency. murderers for the sake of human decency should be locked up. Likewise people who sexualize themselves in public should face a fine. We're sending a message to our children that says "yea, you can do inappropriate things because 'it's your body' ". No, I do not agree. People should be required to maintain a level of public decency. The excuse of "but I wanna" is not enough. It's like being publicly over profane. Children see this going on and it influences them. This should not be allowed.

  • I consider it rude and indecent (and I, myself, am a female.) But I also believe that it's equally as bad if males take their shirts off.

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lovetoargue says2018-03-14T21:45:27.2942528Z
If the question was should girls/women be allowed to wear midriff, for girls I'd say if their parents allow it and for women, of course they should be allowed. There shouldn't be a law against it. But the question is "Is it appropriate..." and to that I'd say no.
Jace_Lyrafi says2018-03-15T06:35:05.9149014Z
Honestly, it's up to one's common sense to decide what attire is suitable for what occasion. I suppose that midriff-exposing clothing can be counted as very risque for certain people and times, completely unacceptable in Islamic countries and obviously alright in a swimming pool for Western places. I might be slightly over-generalising, but I think I'm pretty accurately summing it up. I'm also commenting here because I don't want to pick a stand.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-03-17T07:31:34.9553654Z
I think that it should be considered indecent exposure.
ladiesman says2018-03-18T17:30:27.6051156Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez Would you consider girls/women exposing their midriffs at pools and beaches indecent exposure?
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-03-19T03:33:15.4516223Z
@ladiesman I think it would be best for everyone if they didn't.
ladiesman says2018-03-20T03:12:27.3670703Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez So you're saying you think girls should be prohibited from wearing bikinis at pools and beaches?
ladiesman says2018-03-20T03:15:25.8622703Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez Another question: If it's indecent exposure for girls to expose their bellies, is it indecent exposure when males are shirtless?
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-03-20T04:51:44.5938667Z
@ladiesmam, of course.
ladiesman says2018-03-20T15:53:27.7473034Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez If certain girls are not comfortable with their midriffs showing, they don't have to wear bikinis. But for those who are comfortable, it's their decision. It would be best to allow them to choose for themselves.
ladiesman says2018-03-20T15:54:59.7493880Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez If certain girls are not comfortable with their midriffs showing, they don't have to wear bikinis. But for those who are comfortable, it's their decision. It would be best to allow them to choose for themselves.
ladiesman says2018-03-20T16:13:30.2265034Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez Sorry about the double post.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-03-22T00:24:22.3780014Z
@ladiesman, I don't think you understand my opinion. That is partly my fault as I forgot to check the language I used. I didn't mean indecent exposure in the legal sense. I meant it more in a civil sense. I believe it is indecent as I believe it is indecent for a man to walk around shirtless. I apologize for not checking my language to accurately reflect what I said.
kj123 says2018-05-28T23:13:18.5089219Z
I think that the people on the yes side(who talk about masturbation and stuff like that) are kind of gross. But i said yes because If a girl feels comfortable wearing a crop top that shows her midriff in public, she should be allowed to wear it wherever she wants. I understand, that there is appropriate attire for certain situations, and crop tops are not in all of them. But for school, I think crop tops are fine, because school is where people want to express themselves.
etsukoayako says2018-09-22T19:54:14.5932940Z
Is it "appropriate? " Outside of clubs, Pools, And other hangouts, Probably not. It's attention-seeking. Should it be "allowed? " Of course. Just because I believe something is wrong does not mean that I believe it should be banned lmao.

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