Is it more just for criminals to die or to live?

Posted by: stargate

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It is better if criminals live rather then die.

32 votes

It is better if a criminal dies rather then lives.

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DerKurbis says2016-03-20T21:14:44.0390806Z
What kind of criminal? A murderer? A rapist? A thief? It really depends on what kind of criminal.
stargate says2016-03-20T21:23:53.1887119Z
For me I believe rapists, and murder a should die.
stargate says2016-03-21T01:14:58.0634776Z
It is more just to make sure those crimes never happen again, they will most likely do it again and I for one refuse to give barbarians a second chance. The more human option is to put them down.
doubles_checkington says2016-03-21T14:49:58.1597320Z
Justice is a matter of ambiguity. Everyone has their own set of moral guidelines, and the idea of 'justice', is, ultimately, the manifestation of these guidelines projected onto a situation regarding legality. However, the economic and social benefits of capital punishment far outweigh, in my eyes, any objections to the practice of capital punishment centred around "but killing is wrong! :(((". Criminals who have committed crimes warranting their termination by the state deserve nothing more than it's swift implementation. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
stargate says2016-03-23T10:53:06.1073582Z
The most just option is to end the lives of murders we simply can not take chances with them.
katherinemapplebeck says2016-03-29T03:09:15.5429229Z
I believe criminals should not be executed because being imprisoned for your entire life is much more torturous than being killed right off the bat. Also there's always the chance of someone being framed. Can you imagine if a completely innocent person get murdered from a crime he/she did not commit? And finally, what if the murderer has a severe mental illness? Although it is still inexcusable, they could go to a mental institution or prison, instead of being executed for a condition they cannot help having.
MaxLamperouge says2016-04-11T17:37:39.0212505Z
Depends on the crime...
Axonly says2016-04-23T09:15:38.8981227Z
The people who voted yes are just being gullible, it is just "criminals" theres no context given.
twanggiving says2016-04-23T09:33:51.4199260Z
A criminal should be given to the victims family and the family should be allowed to what ever they want to feel justified. ..........A CRIMINAL HAS NO HUMAN RIGHTS..........
stargate says2016-05-05T23:12:13.2717102Z
I backed up why I said it so how is that gullible? How is it gullible to stand up for justice? How is it gullible to stand by your values and not back down? Please tell me.
maslow says2016-05-18T20:26:58.1506693Z
This would be a question to consider using Kohlberg's stages of morality and I agree with DerKurbis: what kind of criminal and are there mitigating circumstances
kemry says2016-07-04T17:15:03.2242808Z
Some criminals kill because greed and most of the times they lose conscience and do it multiple times. Today on the news, a 4 year old child got stabbed 24 times for what reason? Greed. So id like to see criminals not just die but to be punished. Something like inhumane style of suffering. Hahahaha

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