Is religion dangerous

Posted by: FantumHeist

Religion can be seen as the savior of many and dangerous too just as many tthroughout histor messed up thats have been done for religion such as the crusade's, the jihads, witch trials, isis etc. and many good things have been done in the name of religion and if you study and look at the bad things and good things you can see it as dangerous or good and maybe even both. What is your opinion?

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It is Dangerous

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It is not Dangerous

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It's hard to say there is good and bad so i'll say both

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Episteme says2015-04-19T07:50:03.8867707-05:00
Religion, in and of itself, is merely a set of beliefs a group holds to be true. This is not inherently dangerous. This can lead to dangerous occurrences, such as fanaticism and extremist. However, that doesn't mean that from the outset it is dangerous. A person has the ability to do what is considered good or bad. If they choose bad, that does not mean that they are necessarily inherently dangerous just because they are a person. It means they are dangerous because they chose the bad thing. Similarly, it is the extremist and fanatical aspects that cause danger not the religion in and of itself if those initial beliefs are considered to be good.
Harper says2015-04-19T11:09:44.0795741-05:00
The actual content (beliefs, doctrines, etc.) of most religions are not the big issue here. It's the kind of mentality necessary to be a part of one. Humility and intellectual honesty require you to doubt yourself and look for answers outside of your own ideology. Religion makes doubt into a vice instead of a virtue and makes people believe that if the religion says it, then it must be true, regardless of other ideas, proofs, pieces of evidence, etc. In religion, the best people are those who never question the commands of god (that's what the story of Abraham and Ishmael was supposed to teach). This makes for a population of mindless zealots who are very easily manipulated and very easily radicalized.
RajkRaj says2015-09-27T11:11:36.5164534Z
Religion is very Bad For society and World.. You all intelligent people know why and how is religion is bad... What should i say about... Its time to think over it... And Save the World from religion... Thank you

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