• Yes it is an excuss

  • No it is not an excuss

62% 5 votes
38% 3 votes
  • Yes, it is a reasonable excuse because some things are generally not required to be done and if they feel they cant say no if a pedophile told a young girl to go into their van and they have been told by their parents to always do what adults say they are going to listen to the criminal!

  • accordoing to my riligion it is so dye

  • No it is not an excuse it is a reason. Unless the person wants to but has another reason why they cannot/should not. An excuse implies that it is something said to cover why you are participating in whatever is being discussed. If you don't want to and you said you don't want to you are telling the truth, making it a reason. "I don't want to" is an acceptable answer, but it is not an excuse

  • No its a reason

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wasittoya says2018-01-27T23:53:10.8218200Z
Note: I was arguing the terminology, not the validity of the reason.

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