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  • Yes, it's a chinese hoax

  • No, I live in reality

44% 7 votes
56% 9 votes
  • This isn't a statement of truth, it's a statement of belief. Keep that in mind everyone when answering.

  • If people REALLY believed in science, it wouldn't matter for who you are

  • A scientist can be biased. But if we are talking about scientific consensus, that means multiple studies have come up with similar conclusions, and it's very likely that we can trust it. When every climate scientist on the planet says climate change is happening and is caused by humans, we can trust them.

    Posted by: 6ix
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Mharman says2017-08-23T17:43:52.4144096Z
B I A S nap
Anonymous says2017-08-23T20:49:26.3697730Z
This is an example of a biased poll. Reece is a master.
reece says2017-08-23T21:03:12.7070700Z
VyleKarma, I didn't ask if scientists are biased.
VyleKarma says2017-08-23T21:07:25.6043873Z
You asked if the scientific consensus is biased. Consensus = general agreement.
reece says2017-08-23T22:56:05.0380821Z
So how is a scientific consensus biased?
VyleKarma says2017-08-23T23:12:41.8119477Z
Scientific consensus = general agreement. Humans are biased. Scientists are humans. The general agreement of scientists is biased. It's pretty simple.
reece says2017-08-23T23:14:25.7967382Z
By the way, this isn't a biased poll. Human-made Climate Change is a scientific consensus that Trump claimed was a chinese hoax.
reece says2017-08-23T23:16:48.9588559Z
@VyleKarma Wow, you really thought it out. Look at all the avenues of thought you went down.
VyleKarma says2017-08-24T00:39:40.2036493Z
I do not agree that climate change is a chinese hoax.
reece says2017-08-24T01:21:21.9527594Z
That isn't consistent with your vote.
reece says2017-08-24T01:31:54.7552158Z
Plus it's not consistent with your fallacious logic.
Mharman says2017-08-24T12:39:36.6313660Z
@Reece: That's because you added the "chinese hoax" part. Instead of shaming someone for disagreeing with you, how about you have an option the says "yes, but it is not a Chinese hoax".
VyleKarma says2017-08-24T16:20:53.8406771Z
It is totally consistent with my vote. I believe the scientific consensus is biased, just like any other consensus. That is a perfectly reasonable position. That doesn't mean I agree with the people and ideas you've lumped into this ideological category. @reece
reece says2017-08-25T15:01:57.7523608Z
@Mharman If you disagree with the answers that emotionally, don't vote.
reece says2017-08-25T15:25:14.3446656Z
@VyleKarma There's no use reasoning with you. Anyway, why do you have Ron Paul as your pp? Is it because he's one of the more reasonable politicians and more consistent about his stances.
VyleKarma says2017-08-25T15:35:35.0682234Z
@reece I agree with most of his policies and he's more relevant than any libertarian candidate. Why do you think there's no use reasoning with me? If there's a hole in my thought process I'd be happy to have it pointed it.
reece says2017-08-25T16:15:48.3651628Z
@VyleKarma This exchange has multiple layers to it, each smaller than the prior, as arguments go. What's your point other than to debate?
reece says2017-08-25T16:37:07.3163594Z
I'll wait for a reply. It's better to overestimate than to underestimate.
VyleKarma says2017-08-25T16:42:33.0017208Z
@reece my point is that this poll is biased. I can believe that the scientific consensus is biased without believing climate change is a Chinese hoax. It's not my responsibility to abstain from this poll just because you have answer choices that are disjointed with the question.
reece says2017-08-25T16:53:00.6172434Z
VyleKarma says2017-08-25T17:47:41.0198372Z
You can keep making exclamations about how stupid I am, or tell me how I'm wrong.
reece says2017-08-26T00:22:45.8513414Z
Or, you can learn.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-26T00:29:34.3113780Z
I want to interfere with @Mharman and @reece I agree at times it can be biased, but just calling out that every person is completely biased is ridiculous. Someone has always been biased in someway, but probably not so biased that they wouldn't make the right decision needed.
reece says2017-08-26T00:47:23.8298896Z
Youraverageunicorn, that's a bit random. Why did you find the need to point that out between Mharman and I?
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-26T00:49:12.4072816Z
@reece because I have boring life and like sticking my nose in people's business... NO! Because I like to speak my mind! It's debate that's why I use this site!
reece says2017-08-26T00:56:09.0730234Z
Youraverageunicorn, okay, well next time try to be within context.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-26T00:57:47.4755942Z
@reece I AM I'm taking about scientific consensus! I'm completely confident in what I'm saying.
reece says2017-08-26T00:59:46.8674156Z
Youraverageunicorn, are you sure you don't mean VyleKarma and I?
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-26T00:59:53.4464017Z
Whatever. I shouldn't be doing this right now. I'm gonna lose it. Shouldn't have been here in the first place
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-26T01:00:44.1467267Z
@reece yes I'm not talking about that I'm talking about your differences in opinion on this topic
reece says2017-08-26T01:15:20.7265880Z
Youraverageunicorn, can you point to me where our (Mharman and I) two sides of the argument is between differences in opinion with regards to your first comment on this thread?
reece says2017-08-26T01:17:11.3944068Z
Or are you purposefully being vague to get yourself out of a corner? It's a typical tactic.
VyleKarma says2017-08-26T04:14:09.1910387Z
@reece dude you're getting nowhere by just whining about how wrong I am. You have not made one coherent argument against the (indisputable) idea that every human is biased. What am I supposed to do, make an argument up for you and debate myself?
VyleKarma says2017-08-26T04:15:35.1949413Z
@6ix I didn't argue that the scientific consensus isn't extremely trustworthy and accurate, I just said they're affected by bias. That is not at all controversial.
reece says2017-08-26T04:40:16.6835345Z
@VyleKarma Jees your desperate for me to acknowledge you're right about something. Okay, yes, all people are biased about one thing or another. Happy? Now, can we get back on path about objective reality?
reece says2017-08-26T04:43:42.5593739Z
One thing and another*
VyleKarma says2017-08-27T19:30:54.6722816Z
Only reece would use "You're so desperate for me to say I'm wrong" as a defense for being wrong lol
DrCereal says2017-08-28T00:40:53.4960898Z
Jesus, the comments are cancer.
reece says2017-08-28T02:51:18.5851725Z
@VyleKarma What am I wrong about within context?
sadolite says2018-02-02T04:51:00.0177129Z
Scientific consensus is preposterous, You don't vote on weather science is true or not. ThaT IS WHAT CONSENSUS IS, A BUNCH OF PEOPLE VOTING ON WEATHER OR NOT THEY AGREE WITH SOMETHING.

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