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CosmoJarvis says2017-01-11T15:44:49.3049614Z
Anyone who opposes Scientology is intolerant of my beliefs. I strongly believe that aliens froze other aliens and threw the frozen aliens into a volcano, and so the frozen aliens' souls flew out of the volcano and were very vengeful, causing humans to be evil. Don't judge my beliefs!!1!11!!!! :(
bamiller43 says2017-01-12T06:40:12.2348887Z
I think it is silly to say that scientology isn't a religion. Even if it's claims are entirely absurd, it doesn't suddenly make it not a religion. If people want to lead their lives believing silly things, let them. Plenty or religion believe silly things, and yet are still major powers. I don't think scientology should be a religion, but i can't deny that it is.

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