• Yes

  • No

36% 5 votes
64% 9 votes
  • Anyone who lives in the United States should learn Spanish as it is the second most spoken language in the country. For those who do not live in the Americas, I could see how it would be less useful to learn Spanish in school. I also feel that Spanish classes should do a better job with educating students though because high school Spanish is much too easy.

  • Not necessary: 1. There are other languages to learn. 2. There are many successful monolingual people. 3. Machine translation is very good as 2020 and improving. Probably useless: Furthermore, If you don't start Spanish until highschool you won't get good enough at it for it to be useful.

  • NO. Anyone can do whatever language they want. If in some schools they only let Spanish they should report about that. A language is something optional. It's something that helps you with your life for the future. For example, I am learning French. I want to learn because in the future I want to live/work in Toulouse, France. This is anyone's choice for the future

  • . . . But then again, Spanish-speaking NATIONS, Aren't necessary. C'MON, Nukes, Where Are You? !

  • Learning any foreign language isn't "necessary"

  • No learn if you are interested (if it is foreign language) but if it is you are mother tounge then u should obviously

    Posted by: Thor7
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