Is Taylor Swift obligated to share her political opinions with the public?

Posted by: SegBeg

Many people are angry that Taylor Swift has not publicly expressed her political opinions or denounced Trump. Is she obligated to share such information or does she have a right to keep it to herself?

  • Yes. She should share her political opinions with everyone

  • No. It's none of our business. Leave her alone!

22% 6 votes
78% 21 votes
  • The caption says it all. She has her own right to privacy.

  • NO, People like Taylor Swift (celebrities) don't need to give up their political views to fans because it would make people not want to listen to them. Its just the libtards that think people need to know other peoples business and thats not true. Go upstairs from your parents basement that you live in and ask them. Hopefully they have brains and lives

  • No one wants to hear what Taylor Swift has to say. In fact, I wish she would just shut up.

  • Obviously the people who voted for the other side had nothing to say because what are they supposed to say? If Taylor Swift wants to stand by her political beliefs she should. It's America.

  • She's not obligated to. She can if she wants to. That doesn't mean we will care if states here beliefs.

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