Is the "All Asians are smart" stereotype a good stereotype or a bad stereotype?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

This stereotype could be considered to be a bad stereotype because it pressures all Asians into being extremely intelligent and plus, there are some dumb Asians but this stereotype could also be seen as good because it can motivate people nad not just Asians to be more intelligent and have a more reasonable mind. What do you think?

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No! This stereotype is not a good stereotype at all!

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Yes! The "All Asians are smart" stereotype is a good stereotype!

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sunsoviet says2016-06-21T20:13:20.3903753Z
This stereotype places higher expectations on Asian Students and they are driven to perform better. It also exposes Asian students to harder topics in school projects, which the teacher might feel more comfortable giving it to them. It is a positive cycle of expectation/motivation/reinforcement
Dburch111 says2016-06-21T21:38:06.7589882Z
Implying there is such thing as a "good stereotype."
harrytruman says2016-06-21T21:42:07.5062361Z
So if I think that you are a good person before meeting you that is bad because it is prejudice?
Dburch111 says2016-06-21T21:46:54.7979426Z
I wouldn't necessarily say that assuming someone is a good person before you know anything about them is a "bad" thing, it's just nonsensical.
Richardsonalj says2016-06-23T16:29:42.5005242Z
But Sunsoviet, this expectation, in Japan alone, causes kids to kill themselves because they didn't reach that expectation. Their curriculums are extremely difficult and they are expected to succeed as if it was nothing. Although some can flourish from it must won't reach that expectation in their education when every student is trying to go into University of Tokyo, Waseda Academy, Keio University, and etc. it's very stressful.
Intellisio says2017-11-08T02:49:38.9370545Z
You are not explained and defined by your race. I cannot emphasize upon this enough. You don't have to be smart if you're Asian. You can have other interests like sports and acting. This stereotype just places extra pressure on Asian kids who are not passionate about learning. "Oh, you got a 89%? How can you be Asian?" This makes no sense. Our society is so dependent upon stereotypes, it's devastating to watch. As an Asian, I can genuinely say I hate being identified as 'smart' because of my race. I want to be called smart because of my ability and aptitude to learn. Everyone has the power to learn. You are not your race!

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