Is the American public not quite sick enough yet of having to be politically correct? Could Trump bring a no nonsense approach back if elected?

Posted by: Realchange

I feel deeply disappointed on so many levels of what this country has become. I, personally, don't like being muted on my speech, thoughts, and actions. I'm tired of having the small minority of this country, change traditions, remove the word Christmas from our holiday, see our president stand back in times the world needs us. Would Trump bring back these essential building blocks of this country?

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It's just an excuse to outright lie about facts.

"Could Trump bring a no nonsense approach back if elected?" Don't make me f_cking lough.
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I'm sick of people making polls about Trump. For real, cut it out for awhile.

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Ehhhhhh.....A Strong MAYBE

Trump would bring to the public as well as our liberal government friends (friends used VERY loosely LOL), a personality of "Tell it how it is." The problem is, instead of using the opportunity as a chance to reverse the ignorant and m0ronic, rece... ntly adopted "Politically Correct" speech and actions culture; the liberal politicians and news outlets would instead use the opportunity to bash Trump and the Republican Party, most likely labeling everyone as racists, sexists, compassion-less, cavemen, etc., etc., etc. || After all, let's face it; modern Americans spend exponentially more time each day looking for things to complain about, looking at everyone else for excuses for their own failures, looking for easy money, looking for ANY micro reason including ways to falsify reasons to sue another person or company, etc.; exponentially more time spent on excuses and ways to become lazier than they spend time on ways of bettering themselves as individuals, citizens, people, or even simply as human beings. Until society starts taking responsibility for themselves and their choices in life, this "Politically Correct" culture is just going to keep exploding and growing exponentially. I mean really...I can't call a fat slob as I see it anymore...A fat slob; instead, I have to refer to them as "Obese" or "Overweight". I just saw a promotion on TV for a new show on TLC (The Learning Channel) for a lady so fat it made me sick to my stomach to watch her. Thinking it would be a show about self control, moderation, the dangers of obesity, and how important it is to lose weight; I decided to research the show. Turns out the 400 pound fat lady has PCOS which causes weight gain...But it is NOT permanent or irreversible; it simply takes a healthy diet and exercise which the "star" of the new show CLEARLY lacked (as can be gleaned from here blogs and autobiographies), leading to what she is now. So we went from Honey Boo Boo's fat a$$, her mother's Jabba the Hutt, earthworm looking fat a$$, and her father's thieving, arsonist, child abusing, attempted murdering, stereotypical redneck stupid a$$; to a 400 lb fat lady who instead of being ashamed of her disgusting appearance and getting serious about weight loss, dieting and exercise, instead goes on TV to show the world about her "Fabulous Fat Life". I mean come on man. Where's the shame? Now that I am typing all of this out, I honestly don't see a way for society to come back to reality and normality. If we are seriously at the point where a 400 lb fat a$$ can be proud enough of her disgusting, nauseatingly flabby body to go on national, cable TV and seriously smile and be happy about showing herself off and telling the world that she is "fabulously fat"; if we are at the point where we nationally televise and celebrate a fat a$$, m0r0nic redneck family consisting of 4 children from 4 different fathers, one of which is still unknown, the other three plus the mom sporting felony wrap sheets that would make a common street thug deuce his pants, including one of the fathers being on the national sex registry for sexual exploitation of a minor, not to mention another father jailed for lighting a random person on fire, and don't let us forget the 8 year old girl too fat to make weight for the high school wrestling team; we have little to no chance of return at this point.....Good luck world   more
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Trump's getting popular for saying things the public finally likes, but I assume the things he'll do as President will be reviled, especially in the first-generation breed of US citizens losing their family to Trump's anti-immigration stances.

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reece says2015-09-11T07:35:12.8438490Z
Crimes against latinos are rising. Guess why?
reece says2015-09-11T07:37:48.1116443Z
Arson against Family planning is rising. Guess why?
reece says2015-09-11T07:40:48.9792037Z
reece says2015-09-11T07:56:04.8142744Z
History has a liberal bias.
Heterodox says2015-09-11T08:32:52.8368283Z
I think his lack of PC is certainly appealing. However, he is still saying BS, just like most Politicians.
reece says2015-09-11T09:10:13.7106280Z
@Heterodox Crime rises against innocent organisations, minorities, etc when ignorant people in the media aren't PC about topics concerning them. People such as Trump and Bill O'Reilly are certainly responsible.
reece says2015-09-11T10:21:45.2695026Z
I should of said it's just an excuse to discriminate.
TBR says2015-09-11T16:53:10.5278596Z
What? The wording of the poll, and answers are a mess. Regardless, keep on your Trump™ kick. I will be riding my way to a Sanders victory.
Heterodox says2015-09-12T00:51:28.3163269Z
@reece Crime rises when more people engage in criminal acts or when more are reported and/or caught. People are responsible for their own actions.
Hawlucha says2015-09-12T12:39:32.0147494Z
Yeah, tell that to the Muslim families who were mobbed out of their houses after 9/11.
chandlerrouse says2015-09-15T04:03:27.3623369Z
There is much unjustified hatred in the world. There is justified hatred of the USA. Much of this arises from the victimization complex that sweeps much of mankind. Whoever is in charge, whoever is powerful or successful will also be hated. This vexing hatred often evaporates quickly with a little reason or thought. There are many reasons some invalid, unjustified criticisms. The most widespread hate is the hate by people the world over who fall victim to their own shortcomings, and want a reason why Americans can't control their scapegoating.
reece says2015-09-15T12:54:53.2106582Z
@Heterodox There's crime when people have an incentive. Conservative f_cks give that incentive.

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