Is the fashion industry promoting mental health?

Posted by: Caitlynn98

I’m doing this for a research paper. Thanks for participating!

  • Yes

  • No

41% 7 votes
59% 10 votes
  • I chose yes because the fashion industry has set such a high standard that many men and women try and raise themselves to that level. Even though most of them are photoshopped

  • To some extent it does, however you also have to consider the amount of models who perhaps don't suffer from mental health issues at all. Whilst I think the fashion industry can give an expected 'ideal' that women aim to achieve, it's pretty commonly known that what we see is Photoshopped. I think its a large misjudgement that the fashion industry and media are completely to blame for mental health issues as usually these things are the results of biological factors and psychological ones. Consequently the fashion industry lightly contributes to mental health but not as much as people think

  • The fashion industry that has that notion of being skinny meaning "healthy" or "one size fits all" is detrimental to a woman's self-esteem. Being skinny is flattering on smaller-framed women, But the thing that really matters and should matter the most is not following bullshit body trends just for the objectifying men. Embrace who you are. Body type standards do evolve. In ancient times, It was considered an honor to have weight put on, Meaning that you were considered wealthy by having food available. In the 20th and 21st centuries, The dramatic changes in body standards are now seemingly experimental because if you think about it, Skinny or curvy figured women are neither meant to be innately attractive. Trends are considered to be attractive because it's really all fiction imposed by the media and society. No matter how you feel about your daughter(s) or girlfriend, Always show her how much you love her and don't compare her to others, Like on TV, Her sister(s) or her friend(s) (friends are the worst because your daughter will probably think that you wish she was in the family and that she'll be loved more. ) Your daughter or girlfriend should always feel loved unconditionally, Not just for their body, Your ego, Or her "vulnerability". Girls - no matter what your mom, Dad, Siblings, Friends, Dates say about you, Don't ever give a f**k because you have to know yourself well enough to love yourself. So please get to fully know then indulge yourself, Ladies!

  • Standards are often unachievable in a normal situation

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teenage-dirtbag says2018-02-08T05:47:50.6086707Z
No, because only 5 percent of the population can healthily be the same weight as most models are, therefore promoting a body image which is physically dangerous to one's health to achieve and end up increasing eating disorders within young girls. This in turn promotes negative body image and then creates heavy hatred of one's self, eventually leading to possible depression.

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