• Yes

  • No

72% 38 votes
28% 15 votes
  • Thousands of people die in the name of Islam both in the west and the middle east.

    Posted by: 124275
  • any religion that values obedience more than morality is a problem. combined with the fact that i haven't seen any evidence that their god is real. then the world would be better off without islam in it.

  • I do not doubt that many Islamic people are truly non-violent. However, some are, and as Islam continues to grow, so does the number of devout radicals. You can screen for weapons, for contact with ISIS, etc but you can't screen for evil hearts. The number of Islamic radicals remains unknown. So yes, the growth of Islam is dangerous.

  • Islam is an ideology that is resistant to change and incompatible with western values.

  • Terrorists.

  • It sure is a problem in Europe. In Cologne, Germany, Muslims would raid the city, breaking people's cars, setting buildings on fire, murdering people and even raping women and girls as young as seven. It is disgusting. In England, Muslims are forcing them to take down their own flag, and forcing England to become a Muslim country. And when England does not want to convert to Islam, they go nuts. They do not even live there. They march in pretending to be Syrian immigrants with the latest iPhone and new, clean clothes. They are definitely not a religion of peace. They believe in hanging homosexuals and stoning women for infidelity. Whoever says that we should welcome Muslims into the United States (just to feed off our economy and breed with our women and GIRLS) has the IQ of a pencil.

  • Yes, but so is the growth of all religion as it drives people further apart.

  • Yes! islam is an evil cult! Most people do not wants to be forced into believing into someone's evil cult and definitely don't want to be murdered because they don't believe. Also don't want to be harassed by Muslims and our children raped. Don't want to live around them either, have to listen to their stupid call to prayer and how they expect other people to give into all their demands. and I don't know anyone who wants to live there sharia law.

  • This question is just asking "Is nuclear radiation bad for the environment?"

  • Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and has been for many a century. Islam is a religion advocating peace, and those who use it to justify their violent actions are sick and twisted. The truth is that the majority of Muslims are very benevolent, as much as the media likes to portray them otherwise.

  • No, that's somewhat ridiculous, but I can see where you might come about this. If you can name terrorist organizations right now I bet the first thing that can come to our mines are ISIS, and Al-Qaeda, which are both extremist Islamic groups. That's okay, since that most active groups in the world have something to do with Islam, but most don't show Islam correctly. Most to all of them show a much more darker and changed version of the Islamic belief, rather than the more peaceful and correct version of Islam. The only problem here is that some people don't look at the real side of the religion. It's very peaceful and show respect towards others, and along with that it has very valuable lessons to learn from, like in other religions. Overall message, the only problem with Islam is the people who believe the religion is the problem to everything. Dat's it, peace.

  • Well... even though there are all the terrorists and war in the middle east, you have to remember, Muslims are everywhere! The majority of Muslims reject the idea the terrorists are truly god-like for going to the extremes for Allah's sake. People can believe what they want and just think if I started saying that (insert religion here) was going to take over the planet and bring civil obedience to god! Well depending on your origins in this belief you may have a different opinion. In my opinion with more people, there is a higher chance for terrorists, but also a higher chance for people rejecting those terrorists.

  • are you serious? People say that islam is a reason for death. lemme tell you this, its only 0.7% of terrorist attacks, most people who attack dress up like a muslim just to get more attention from the media because the media will never tell you about that christian guy if there was a muslim guy

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AnEmpty says2016-12-26T19:38:22.3332763Z
The Medieval Inquisition, The Spanish Inquisition, The Holocaust (while not religiously motivated, the premise being acting on a belief and the scale of ardent practitioners, is the on par with past genocides committed in the name of God), The Salem Witch Trials, WW1 and WW2- these were all events that have resulted in the destruction of one group of people initiated by another group of people; I acknowledge that Islam is responsible for its fair share of spilling the blood of others over the course of known history, but it is clear that Islam is not the problem, it's people, in general, who allow themselves to be subsumed by the rhetoric, be it Hitler's speech, or Buck-eye McGee's story about green women flying on broomsticks, or the Pope decreeing death to all heretics. To recapitulate, Islam is not the problem, it is the growing number of frustrated people who, on a daily basis, personally experience the ever deepening gulf of wealth disparity between such secular countries as America, and the effects to come from it, for instance, the exploitation of cheap labor, and have found Islam, like the Christians and Catholics of yore, to be a suitable reason (and so, more join the band wagon), which to carry out their baser desires that would otherwise be insufficiently justified to themselves and others (what more compelling reason is there than "God told me to do it", to the majority of the population who are affiliated with some religion or another, can empathize with religious beckoning?). The Quran is just like the Bible, it's is open to interpretation, and so, the issue should be directed at those who read it and apply it at their own convenience- widespread discrimination against Islam and all those who practice it is just stupidity born from the inability to understand, manifested. If you really want to point a finger, point it at religion, you hypocrites.

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