Is the holocaust card getting old?

Posted by: Dilara

I'm not trying to offend anyone. I have jewish family members. I have a grandmother who was sent to a German concentration camp. What happened was horrific but it was 60 years ago and across the Atlantic Ocean. I'm getting tired of people saying "that's anti semetic don't you remember the holocaust" out of the blue and thinking everything bad thing that's said about a jewish individual is anti semetic.

  • Yes it is getting old

  • No it's not getting old

47% 8 votes
53% 9 votes
  • I never hear anyone talk about Germany losing it's land or how it was blamed for the entirety of WWI. I personally hate the very idea of Israel and what they are doing. Yet saying that is usually seen as anti-semitic. Oh and let's not forget about Stalin being the one who caused most of the deaths in WW2.

  • i'm sorry for what happened but you can't use the holocaust in everything you do so what are we just suppossed to let israel commit genocide in palestine because they went through the holocaust? of course not and saying things againist israel doesnt not make me antisemitic thats a bunch of bull

  • American Jews overuse this card. They are the richest ethnicity and religious group in America. They control the entire American media and they own all the American corporations. Let's worry about people who are suffering today--in Gaza, Syria, and on Indian reservations and not something that happened 60 years ago.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • No, not IF the "card" is properly used. The holocaust must never be forgotten, nor World War 2 (and 1 for that matter). Remembering historical atrocities is crucial to ensuring that they do not happen again. And may I just point out that for many of us, the holocaust happened on the continent that we live on.

  • I agree with Zyloarchy. I'm not Jewish, but the atrocities committed against them are almost impossible to be exaggerated, and we should not forget them. However, I also do not appreciate misuse of the card.

  • It was a terrible part of human history, and wasn't very long ago. Peoples' grandparents fought in that war, and so many wonderful people died.. on both sides. It's weird to think that most of the people on Hitlers' side were just normal old people. That they did something so horrible. So terrible that it had to happen. But we all should forgive the Germans for it. Most of the people in the war are dead now, and Germans are very sorry that it happened.

  • It just happened less than a century ago... Wait like 5 centuries then get back to me.

  • The Holocaust must NEVER be forgotten. It's a tragic part of human history, and it examples very well the negative aspects of extremism and intolerance. However, one must not only concentrate on the Jews. They weren't the only victims. At the end, on top of the six-million Jews, there were five million other people who were killed. The mentally ill, the physically disabled, homosexuals, political rivals, Gypsies, Slavs and others. It wasn't "The Jewish Holocaust" - it was simply The Holocaust. A Holocaust that resulted in the systematic elimination of eleven-million lives. Eleven million which must never be forgotten.

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Dilara says2014-06-28T10:07:53.3236299-05:00
Zylorarchy. Good point. I was working with a jewish person on a class project a while back and I asked her to stop being rude (which she was) and she responded by saying "that's anti semetic your just saying that cause I'm jewish". Also in our elementary school we were having a Christmas party and one jewish person thought it was "anti semetic" to not have a channaka party as well. I told him that in that case we should have a party for each religious holiday ( Ramadan ect) and he told me I was just saying because he's jewish. We were in third grade than. I don't know who told him to say stuff like that. Once in fifth grade there was a bully and some girl asked her to stop saying rude things about this other girl. Than the bully stormed out saying the girl who confronted her was being "anti semetic" and than said something about the holocaust.
Dilara says2014-06-28T10:23:22.6645663-05:00
Yamavankarma. You hit the nail in the head. I agree with everything you just said.
Zylorarchy says2014-06-28T10:33:52.9679180-05:00
Dilara: Very true, that would be in inappropriate use of the holocaust "card" there. But even so, discrimination against the Jews is not a thing of the past and is on the rise along with many other religious intolerances. The Middle East that surrounds Israel will always be hostile towards Israel and so I do not see why we are so surprised by extreme Israeli tactics a lot of the time. The point is, Jews are unfairly discriminated against globally and to say Jews should simply stop referring to a major atrocity against them in the past is wrong.
Dilara says2014-06-28T10:42:24.3981611-05:00
Zylorarchy. I'm just tired of people who never experienced the holocaust and didn't even have family in Europe at the time using that card when it's completely irrelevant to everything. There are people that have to deal with more discrimination today than Jews (in America Arabs, Muslims, Hispanics, native Americans) but if they use their card everyone gets upset. Also there are holocaust like things that are happening today (in Gaza Strip, Syria, Afganistan, Pakistan, Yemen, indian reservations ect) while the holocaust happened 60 years ago. In America Jews aren't discriminated against very much. Jews own most of Americas banks and control the media and politics. It frustrates me when american Jews act like they still have to deal with discrimination because in reality they don't have to deal with discrimination that much anymore.
Zylorarchy says2014-06-28T10:55:46.9273992-05:00
Dilara: Again some of what you say is true, but in the West (Europe, US, rich world) discrimination is not such a huge issue though I agree the likes of Muslims in particular face far greater discrimination than Jews. But worldwide, discrimination against Jews is more prevalent. And yes "holocaust like" things do still happen but not on nearly the same scale. And while you can say American Jews may not have so much of a right to complain, the same cannot be said for Jews world wide.
Dilara says2014-06-28T11:03:43.8817992-05:00
Zylorarchy. I worded my poll wrong. I understand that Jews in other countries besides America have tiresome with many struggles but in America they own all the banks, Hollywood and they control the politics and media. What I want to say was "is the holocaust card getting to old in America". Otherwise I understand why they would complain but here in America anti semitism is not a big problem anymore.
mishapqueen says2014-06-28T11:24:30.9690043-05:00
The holocaust card is not nearly as old as the crusades card pulled on Christians for their "intolerant' behavior.
Dilara says2014-07-02T14:50:43.2633821-05:00
Well said diet orange soda
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-04T22:22:18.7374550-05:00
Considering what Israel is responsible for, they need to be reminded that a religion has no power.

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