Is the Slammer at Thorpe Park shutting down for good?

Posted by: SegBeg

For all you Brits out there (and some tourists of course) I went to Thorpe Park a few days ago and the Slammer was not open for the whole day. When I went there beforehand two years ago, it was also closed. It hasn't been open for a while. I have a feeling it's closing down. Any of you guys know? Put in some comments too if you can. Thanks!!!

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I don't know. Maybe they're doing some mechanical upgrades or something.

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Yes. It hasn't been open for ages. Guys, this is a sign

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No. They can't. Just no. The Slammer is the last Sky Swat in the world. If they close it down, no more Sky Swats left and I LOVE Sky Swats!!!

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