Is water wet

Posted by: MacWorth

This is a debate that was started a while ago and I just wanna hear what y'all think.

Poll closed on 4/15/2018 at 12:00PM.
  • Yes! Duh-uh!

  • No! I thought this was common sense!

43% 19 votes
57% 25 votes
  • Water Is Wet. Wetness is the interaction and perception of water interacting with something, but itself is not wet. Also touching itself does not count as making it wet

  • cause it is!

  • Yes because according to the dictionary it says "consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with liquid (such as water)" SUCH AS WATER

  • Yes! Water molecules make anything that they touch wet right? Water molecules make other water molecules wet because they are touching each other! Also, how can water make something wet unless it is wet itself!

  • You pebbles why is this even on here WHY?

  • water must be wet otherwise we would not have a concept of things only being wet when they are touching water because water is not wet

  • For something to be wet it must have water touching. If water were to touch water there would simply be more water rather than wet water, therefore water can not be wet.

  • Water by itself is not wet, just like how an acid in its liquid form (as molecules) does not display acidic properties unless dissociated in water. Likewise, water does not present the qualities of being "wet" UNLESS in contact with your skin. Just to confuse you, this classical question in philosophy - wetness is an illusion. It's just a feeling that one may receive when touching liquids.

  • wet- covered or saturated with water or another liquid. adj. Water cannot be covered or saturated by water. Case closed.

  • WATER IS NOT WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Come on, people! Water itself is not wet. That's like saying ice cubes are cold. It may seem like common sense, but we just have more thermal energy, so it feels that way. Big, small, hot, and cold are just opinions. And just like that, water being wet is just an opinion with no fact to back it up.

  • Wetness is a sensation no a property! Sooo water can't be wet!

  • Wet is a sensation, water makes things wet, water itself is not wet.

  • because ur fat and disgusting i though this was common sense it has been scientifically proven people lmao wake up.

  • Your skin has moisture. Is it wet?

  • For something to be wet you have to be able to make it dry. eg the table is wet, i dried it with a towel, it is now dry. You can't get dry water

  • is fire on fire, no water makes things wet but is not wet in and of its self

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MacWorth says2018-03-25T12:57:47.1019936Z
Thanks for voting on this!
MEMERDANK says2018-03-26T02:23:10.3428532Z
Wetness is defined as the state or condition of being covered in or saturated by a liquid. Water is covered by itself and therefore is wet. If you think that that is cheating then think again. If you have a wet piece of paper, that piece of paper is wet because water has bonded to it.
Jace_Lyrafi says2018-03-27T05:11:47.0468812Z
No offence, but at MiniMelon's view that water can be consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with liquid (which is water), is sort of flawed. Water is water. It doesn't consist of water. It consists of water molecules. The molecules don't give the property of wetness, the fact that it is in a liquid form makes it wet.
Jace_Lyrafi says2018-03-31T14:44:04.5192381Z
@ChezYoutubz - That is an awesome point that we all managed to miss - if water is wet, can you dry it? NO. Therefore, water does not have the property of wetness.
gameprogrammer says2018-04-16T18:51:42.3265821Z
There are three states of matter - solid, liquid, gas. Water is the word we use to describe H2O in it's liquid state. Wet is a property of liquid. Therefore, yes, water is wet. In the same way which melted iron (which contains no water) is also wet.
ImBlue_2 says2018-08-08T20:33:42.9509893Z
The definition of wet is covered or saturated with water. Water holds water because it is water therefore water is wet. For something to be saturated, It is holding water or moisture. You can't say water isn't moist. When you put your hand in water, Your hand is wet because the water is wet or saturated with moisture. What do you people think? Water is dry?
DatBoi404 says2018-11-05T21:12:53.3862233Z
MEMERDANK nein. Water makes paper wet by adhering to it. Water however coheres to itself. ADHESION: IUPAC definition Process of attachment of a substance to the surface of another substance. COHESION: Molecular attraction by which the particles of a body are united throughout the mass. Water adheres to a material. Water Coheres to itself. By your definition, Water adhering means something is wet. So, Water cohering doesn't fall within the same logic.
obada_zakaria says2019-03-05T16:12:50.8593072Z
Yes, It is.

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